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L&L Kilns

There are over 200 L&L Pottery Kiln models for you to choose from, many of which are variations on standard models.
We recommend getting an idea of which model you would like and then calling us to place your order as there are many things such as the voltage and phase of your electricity to consider or customize for your specific needs.
If you already know which model and options you need you can order here online or give us a call toll-free at 1.888.spi.clay !

New L&L Front Loading KilnShown right :
New Easy Fire Front Loading Kiln: a front loading kiln at top-loader price!

Expert Kiln SupportAll L&L Kilns feature hard ceramic Element Holders.
These make changing elements a breeze and cut down on wear and tear to the soft brick from occasional bumping that happens when loading and unloading your kiln. This is another reason that L&L Kilns are a great choice in a busy studio or classroom!

L&L Kilns now are available with optional Rolling kiln stand.
L&L Kilns Rolling Kiln StandIt includes vent duct and collection cup when order with Vent-sure kiln vent system.
It is available for 8, 10 and 12 sided kilns.


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L&L Kilns Are Built To Last.

ASK ABOUT INSIDE DELIVERY AND SET UP IN THE NORTH EAST ! Wonderfully well made and easy to use kilns always on sale at Sheffield Pottery . If you are a teacher, ceramicist, hobbyist, engineer or manufacturer looking for a durable, well constructed, electric kiln, L&L Kiln Mfg. Inc. is your kiln company. L&L electric kilns are used in homes, studios, classrooms, laboratories and industry.
Automatic Easy-Fire Top-Loading Kilns are the new standard for potters.School-Master kilns have mastered the art of simplicity for schools art classrooms. Square and rectangular DaVinci kilns are the largest standard pottery kilns on the market. Hercules and Easy-Load front-loading kilns are constructed with arches and welded structural steel cases for a lifetime of service.

L&L Genesis Touch Screen Kiln ControllerClick Here to Learn About the optional Genesis Touch Screen Kiln Controller