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Discount Pottery Wheels, Wheel Throwing Accessories

Discount potter's wheels on sale !Here you can buy Pottery Wheels and Wheel Throwing Accessories at the best discount price, most with free shipping in the lower 48 states!
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We offer clay pottery wheels for every range. Whether you need a small Artista wheel this Christmas for the young novice who is just starting out or a big professional Shimpo, Creative, Soldner or Brent, you will find your pottery wheel here.
Most potter's wheels can ship UPS Ground for fast and easy delivery.

We are authorized retailers of clay pottery wheels from Amaco/Brent, Soldner, Speedball Clay Boss, Shimpo, and Thomas Stuart.
We offer kick wheels, electric wheels both free standing and portable.

Joe Cowan Wheel ThrowingShown below: Sheffield Pottery Co-Founder, Joe Cowen, throwing a pot, in what is now our ceramics supplies showroom. First published in Redbook Magazine 1949.

Read More about Joe and Marie : Our history... since 1946: Click Here

We also carry a complete line of wheel throwing accessories including throwing bats, hydrobats, plastibats, stools, jigger arms, ball mills and banding wheels.

Be sure to see our lines of tools and clays specially designed for creating wheel thrown pottery.

We also have instructional books, videos and DVDs for every level potter.