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20 Gift Ideas For Potters

Are you shopping for a beginner, a long-time professional, or someone in between? This Guide offers 20 gift ideas for that special potter in your life, because we know, what do you even get a potter anyway?

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1. Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate for Pottery Tools and Supplies

When in doubt, A gift Certificate is a great gift option!
A Sheffield Pottery Gift Certificate is the perfect present for the potter in your life. It grants the recipient the freedom to choose their preferred pottery supplies

2. Gr Pottery Gorms Drape Mold

Drape Molds for Pottery

The Perfect gift for that potter friend who keeps telling you they will make you a dinner set but has not yet. Drape molds are a valuable addition to any potter's toolkit, allowing for the creation of unique ceramic shapes and designs

3. Speedball Boss Base

Drape Molds for Pottery

For the Potter looking to get centered. Adding efficiency and precise results to any studio setting, the Boss Base will become your tool of choice to easily open your small cups, mugs or plates while ensuring a uniform bottom to every piece.