20 Gift Ideas For Potters

20 Gift Ideas For Potters

Are you shopping for a beginner, a long-time professional, or someone in between?

This Guide offers 20 gift ideas for that special potter in your life, because we know, what do you even get a potter anyway?

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1. Gift Certificate

When in doubt, A gift Certificate is a great gift option!
A Sheffield Pottery Gift Certificate is the perfect present for the potter in your life. It grants the recipient the freedom to choose their preferred pottery supplies

2. Gr Pottery Forms Drape Mold

The Perfect gift for that potter friend who keeps telling you they will make you a dinner set but has not yet.Drape molds are a valuable addition to any potter's toolkit, allowing for the creation of unique ceramic shapes and designs

3. Speedball Boss Base

for the Potter looking to get centered.
Adding efficiency and precise results to any studio setting, the Boss Base will become your tool of choice to easily open your small cups, mugs or plates while ensuring a uniform bottom to every piece.

4. Giffin Grip

Give the gift of trimming with ease.
The Giffin Grip It is a type of pottery trimming chuck tool that holds the pot firmly so you can trim away excess clay and refine the shape of the pot.

5. Claypron

The "one size fits all" gift! Both figuratively and literally...
The Claypron is a durable 100% mid-weight cotton split-legged apron, for artists of all kinds! Available in Oatmeal, Red, Blue Denim, Silver Gray, Eggplant and Olive.

6. Xiem Artbag

17 different Pockets, 16 different tool holsters, 2 large compartments, and a partridge in a pear tree.

7. Xiem Tool Sets

Xiem tools are a fun and elegant gift.
These Decorating and Sculpting tools are a sure way to elevate creative capacity for detail and fine tuning!

8. Xiem Scoring Tool

Get points for giving this gift ;)
The Xiem retractable scoring tool provides an ergonomic solution to scoring and storing.

9. Garrity wooden ribs

Garrity tools won't put you on the Knotty list!
These Wooden Ribs allow you to make a unique and consistent texture on your vessel or slab to develop new forms in your work.

10. MKM Texture Tools

This is an easy stocking stuffer to just roll with. We carry a huge array of MKM texture rollers and stamps for every personality and style!

11. Shimpo Banding Wheels

No one has ever been sad to unwrap a Shimpo Banding Wheel. These banding wheels are used for decorating, sculpting, carving, and hand-building.

These decorating wheels are loved by potters, sculptors, glass blowers, cake makers, and more.

12. Shimpo VL Lite

The VL-Lite is the ultimate gift that won't break the bank or your back.
This beginner pottery wheel is "Lite" enough to carry yet sturdy enough to throw on.


The Do All Trimming Tool is a sure way to shape up your gift-giving! With a cutting edge that is great for detail around the foot and a curl for broad surface smoothing and a tight shape for detail trimming.

14. Speedball Artista

Do you have limited space in your home studio? The Artista is both portable and affordable!
The Speedball Artista offers a 1/3 HP motor and a 25 lb centering capacity.

15. Skutt Firebox 8x6 Kiln

Looking to heat things up this Holiday season? You don't need a big budget or a spacious studio to bring your ceramic dreams to life.
With the Skutt Firebox 8x6 LT you take it out of the box, plug it into any spare 120V outlet you have in the house and you are ready to start fusing.

16. Xiem Wedging Board

A great gift for a potter at any stage in their creative exploration. This wedging board is the perfect gift for a Potter on the go looking to save space without giving up durability. We stock three sizes 18x24, 24x24, and 24x32 inches.

17. Wiziwig Shammy Kit

This gift won't sink spirits this season. Keep your Shammies afloat and easy to spot in your slop with this adorable 4pc shammy set & bobber.

18. Studio Pro SpaceSaver Bat System

The Studio Pro Bat system is a great gift option for someone who enjoys working on the pottery wheel.

It consists of a 14" adapter bat and 8- 6" insert bats. Both are made from a 1/2" exterior grade MDF which provides excellent bottom drying and rigidity.

19. Scott Creek Super-duper Clay Gun

Tired of them stealing your cookie dough extruder? This is an exceptionally handy, rugged, hand-held clay extruder gun for making small runs of a particular form.

20. Amaco Black Underglaze Pencil

The only sticks and coal you will want in your stocking this year! A Black Underglaze Pencil is a great staple to any ceramic artist's studio.