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Clay Safety Equipment and Information
Air Filtration Systems
  > Austin Air Purifiers and Replacement Filters
    • Austin Air Purifier Replacement Filters and Instructions
Dust Collectors
Gloves, Kevlar, Glasses, Safety Screens and Miscellaneous Safety Gear
  > 3M Versaflow PAPR Powered Air Purifying Respirators
  > North Respirator Replacement Parts
  > Wilson Respirator Relacement Parts
Silica Dust Control Vacuums
Ceramics Safety And Testing Information
California Prop 65
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THE EASY WAY TO BUY CLAY: Delivered Clay Special
  > Free UPS Shipping for Clay in ZONE 2: NY / NJ / New England
  > THE EASY WAY TO BUY CLAY: Zone 3: ME, Western NY, PA, DC, MD, WV Schools Delivered Clay Special
  > THE EASY WAY TO BUY CLAY: ZONE 4: ME, PA, VA, WV, NC, KY, OH, MI Schools: Delivered Clay Special
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NCECA NAEA Ceramics Education Conferences
Parish Pottery Day : Annual Event
Equipment Order Checklist
Specials, Sales, and Coupons
7 Cubic Foot Kilns
Amaco Kilns
  > Amaco EXCEL Kilns Multisided top-loading Kilns
  > Amaco Front and Top Loading Kilns
    • Amaco AH-10, AH-25 and AH-30 Large capacity, front-loading Kilns
    • Amaco HF Rectangular High Temp Top Loading Kilns
Commercial Electric Furnaces For Industrial Applications
Cone Art Ceramics Kilns and Glass Kilns by Tucker's
  > Cone Art Glass Fusing Kilns
  > Cone Art Cone 10 Pottery / Ceramics Kilns
  > Cone Art Kilns Energy Efficient Kiln Packages with Free Furniture Kit and Elements
Equipment Ordering Checklist
Evenheat Glass and Ceramic Kilns, Heat Treating Ovens
  > Evenheat Ceramics Kilns
  > Evenheat Glass Kilns
    • Evenheat GTS Glass Kilns
  > Evenheat Heat Treating Ovens Knife Kilns
  > Evenheat Kilns: LB Long Blade Heat Treating Ovens
  > Evenheat PMC Metal Clay Kilns
Fredrickson Front-Loading Commercial Electric Kilns
Gas Kilns
Geil Gas Kilns
Glass and Ceramic Multipurpose Dual Media Kilns
Heat Treating Ovens Kilns Furnaces
L&L Kilns
  > L & L EASY FIRE Kilns
  > L & L Kilns Easy Load Front Loading Kilns
  > L&L School Master Kilns
  > L&L Easy Fire Kiln Packages
  > L&L eFL Series Easy-Fire Front Loading Kilns
  > L&L Fuego Kiln
  > L&L Kilns eQUAD-PRO Production Kilns
  > L&L Easy-Fire XT Square Kilns
  > L&L Hercules Front Loading Kilns
  > L&L Jupiter Series Kilns
  > L&L Liberty-Belle Series Kilns : 30 Amp Dryer Plug
  > DaVinci Series Kilns
  > L&L JH SERIES KILNS: CONE 12 Crystalline Glaze Kilns
  > Doll-Baby Series Test Kilns
  > L&L Kilns Bell Lift System
  > L&L Kilns Rolling Kiln Stand
  > L&L Kilns SSR Solid State Relay Option
Laguna Front Loading Gas Kilns
Nabertherm Kilns
Olympic Kilns
  > Olympic Medallion Artist Series Electric Kilns
  > Olympic 120 Volt Top Loading Electric Kilns
  > Olympic 18", 23" and 28" Multi-Sided "Stackable" Electric Kilns
  > Olympic Downdraft Commercial Gas Kilns
    • Olympic Downdraft Commercial Gas Kiln OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES
  > Olympic DUAL MEDIA KILNS: Kilns For Ceramics, Pottery and Glass!
  > Olympic Electric Top Hat Kilns and Raku Kilns
  > Olympic FL Series Front Loading Commercial Kilns
  > Olympic Gas Raku and Torch Bearer Kilns
    • Olympic Torchbearer and Raku Gas Kiln OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES
  > Olympic Glass Fusing Kilns
  > Olympic Kilns Freedom Series Kiln Packages
  > Olympic Oval Electric Kilns
  > Olympic Top Loading Electric Commercial Kilns
Paragon Kilns
  > Paragon Glass Kilns and PMC Kilns
  > Paragon Heat Treating Furnaces and Knife Making Kilns
  > Paragon Janus combination Glass and Ceramics Kilns
  > Paragon Pottery and Ceramics Kilns
  > Paragon Wax Burn Out Ovens and Kilns
Raku Kilns
Skutt Kilns
  > Skutt Ceramic Kilns
    • Skutt 22" Tall Pottery Kilns : Easy to Load
    • Skutt KMT Kilns And GMT with Touch Screen Controller
  > Skutt Glass Kilns
    • Skutt Scarab Lampworking Glass Kilns
  > Skutt Kiln Upgrades and Accessories
  > Skutt Kilns KMT TouchScreen Controller Pottery Kilns
Small Kilns Test Kilns and PMC Kilns
True Cone 10 Electric Kilns
Vitrigraph Kilns for Glass
Wax Burnout Ovens Kilns Furnaces
  > Olympic Kilns FL-Series Commercial Kiln Complete Packages
Pottery Wheels and Accessories
Amaco Brent Quick Center: Clay Centering Tool
Bailey Potter's Wheels
Bats and Pins
  > Bailey Bat Gripper and Xiem Batmate
  > Bat Packs
  > Hydrobats / Plaster Bats
  > Masonite Duron Throwing Bats
  > Plastic Bats
    • Plastibats by Amaco: Plastic Pottery Wheel Bats
    • Plastic Bats by Speedball (formerly Creative Industries)
    • Plastic Potter's Bats by New England Hardboard Company
  > Pottery Wheel Head Bat Pins
  > Shimpo Aspire Potters Wheel Bats :Plastic and Wonderbats
  > Wood Fiber Bats and Amaco Pressboard Bats
Brent Potter's Wheels and Accessories
  > Brent Pottery Wheel Accessories
Claypron : Potters Apron by Echo Ceramics
Giffin Grips
Pacifica Pottery Wheels by Laguna
Potter's Stools
Pottery Kick Wheels
Pottery Trimming Bats and Grips
Pottery Wheel Buying Guide
Shimpo Jigger Arm, Ball Mill Rack and Wheel Work Tables
Shimpo Pottery Wheels Nidec
Skutt Potters Wheels / Thomas Stuart
  > Skutt Wheels SSX Drive Upgrade
Soldner Potter's Wheels
Speedball Pottery Wheels
  > Artista Portable Wheel and Accessories
  > Speedball Boss Series Pottery Wheels and Accessories
Splash Pans
  > Shimpo Splash Pans
Table-Top Portable Potters Wheels
Easy Delivered Pricing on Moist Clay
High-Fire Cone 10 Stoneware and Porcelain Potters Clay : Delivered Price
Low-Fire Earthenware Potters Clay : Delivered Price
Mid-Fire Cone 4-6 Stoneware and Porcelain Potters Clay : Delivered Price
Raku and Sculptural Potters Clay : Delivered Price
Moist Clay : Shipping not included: For Instore Pick-up or Freight
Clay Samples
Moist Clay Prices at a Glance
No-Talc Earthenware Clay for Schools
Casting Slips
Tile Making Clays
Our Clay Production And Raw Material Refining
Construction Clay / Baseball Field Clay / Horse Stall Clay / Ovens
Backyard Clay Bread and Pizza Oven Materials
Horse Stall Clay and Other Sporting Clay Bodies
Industrial Clays /Construction Grade Clay
Other Uses for Clay
Soil for Low Resistance Earth Grounding Systems
Amaco Glazes
  > Amaco Underglazes, Crayons, Chalk, and Engobes
    • Amaco LUG Liquid Underglazes
    • Amaco Engobes
    • Amaco Semi-moist Underglaze Decorating Colors Sets
    • Amaco Velvet Underglaze Semi-translu­cent : For Low, Mid, and High Fire
      > New Amaco Velvet Underglazes: 2019
    • Underglaze Decorating Chalk Crayons
  > Amaco Low Fire Glazes (Cone 05)
    • Amaco Glaze Crystals
    • Amaco Teacher's Palette (TP) Low Fire Glazes
    • Amaco Teacher's Palette Light (TPL) Low Fire Glazes
    • Amaco Teachers Choice : Low Fire Glazes, Mixable, AP Classroom Safe : Gallons
    • Amaco Artist Choice Low Fire Glazes
    • Amaco Crystaltex Low-Fire Glazes
    • Amaco F-Series Low Fire Glazes
    • Amaco Stone Texture Glazes (04)
    • Amaco LG-Series Low Fire Gloss Glazes
    • Amaco Low Fire Dipping Glazes
    • Amaco Low Fire Matt Glazes
    • Amaco Opalescent Glazes Low Fire Glazes
    • Amaco LT Textured Alligator Low Fire Glazes
  > Amaco High Fire Glazes (Cone 5-6)
    • Amaco CELEBRATION High Fire (cone 5-6) Pottery Glazes
    • Amaco Shino Glazes (cone 5-6)
    • Amaco Celadon High Fire Transparent Gloss (Cone 5-6) Glazes
      > Amaco Cone 6 Celadon Glazes in 10 Pound Dry Dipping Pails
    • Amaco Potter's Choice Glazes (cone 5-6 and 10)
      > New Amaco Potters Choice Glazes 2019
      > New Amaco Potter's Choice Glazes for 2018
    • Amaco Sahara High Fire (cone 5-6) Pottery Glazes
    • Amaco Satin Matte cone 5-6 Glazes
  > Amaco Glaze Layering
  > Amaco Raku Glazes
  > Amaco Glaze Class Packs
  > Amaco Glaze Additives
  > Amaco Glazes Usage and Safety Information
Clayscapes Pottery Cone 6 Glazes
Coyote Glazes : Cone 6 Reduction-Look Glazes
  > Coyote Constellation Series Glazes for Normal or Slow Cool Cone 6
  > Coyote Crystalline Glazes for Slow Cool Cone 6
  > Coyote Enduro-Color Liner Glazes
  > Coyote Glazes : Tips, Application, and Safety
  > Coyote Glazes Archie's Series For Cone 5/6
  > Coyote Glazes Satins and Shinos
  > Coyote Texas Two Steps: Cone 6 Oil Spot Glazes
  > Dry Coyote Glazes in 5, 10 and 25 Pound Units
Mayco Colors Stroke and Coat Glazes
Opulence Glazes: Cone 6
  > 100-500 Series Gloss Glazes
  > 600 Series Reduction Look Glazes
  > 700 Series Satin Matte Glazes
  > 800 Series EnviroColors Glazes
  > 900 Series Translucent Glazes
  > 25 Pound Dry Units
  > Mixing Instructions and Tips
Minnesota Potter's Pens, Slip, and Underglaze Stamp Pads
  > Minnesota Stamp Pad and Pen Refills
Spectrum Glazes
  > Glaze Additives
    • Spectrum Glaze Additives 1070 - 1072
    • Spectrum Glaze Crystals: Cone 06- Cone 6
  > Spectrum High Fire Glazes
    • 1100 Series Stoneware Glazes Cone 4 - 6
    • 1500 Series NOVA Stoneware Glazes Cone 4 - 6 Dipping
    • 1500 Series NOVA Stoneware Glazes Cone 4 - 6 Dipping
    • 1430 Series Floating Glazes Cone 4 - 6
    • 1460 Series Semi-Transparent Glazes Cone 4 - 6
    • 1420 Series Ash Glazes Cone 4 - 6
    • 1400 Series Shino Glazes Cone 4 - 6
    • 1200 Series High Fire Glazes Cone 9 - 10
  > Spectrum Raku Glazes
  > Spectrum Low Fire Glazes
    • 100 Series Crackle Glazes
    • 150 Series Metallic Glazes
    • 900 Series Low Stone Glazes
    • 850 Series Raku Glazes
    • 800 Series Semi-Transparent Glazes
    • 700 Series Opaque Gloss Glazes
    • 250 Series Satin Glazes
  > Base Glazes for Making Underglaze / Overglaze
  > Underglazes, Majolica, RAC Pens, Ceramic Stains
    • 300 Series Majolica Colors
    • Raised Accent Colors
    • 500 Series Underglazes
    • 2200 Series Industrial Strength Dry Stains
  > Usage and Tips
Luster: Overglaze
Mayco Designer Liner
Mayco Glazes : Stoneware Textures
Amaco Underglaze Pencils
Frozen Clay and Frozen Glazes
Terra Sigillata
Slab Rollers Clay Mixers, Extruders, Pugmills, and Ball Mills
Bailey Pottery Equipment Manual ands Electric Slab Rollers
Bailey Pottery Wall Mount Clay Extruders
Brent Slab Rollers
North Star Clay Extruders
  > Dies and Die Sets for North Star Clay Extruders
North Star Equipment Slab Rollers
Original Hi Roller Vertical Slab Roller
Scott Creek Clay Extruders
  > Scott Creek Extruder Dies
Shimpo Slabroller
Small Hand Extruders
Mixers and Pugmills
  > BlueBird Mixers
  > Bluebird Pugmills
  > Peter Pugger Pugmills
    • Peter Pugger Pug Mill / Extruder Accessories and Dies
  > Shimpo Glaze Mixer
  > Shimpo Pugmills or Pug Mills
  > Soldner Clay Mixers
Ball Mills
  > Amaco Ball Mills
  > Shimpo Ball Mill Rack
Raw Materials and Ceramic Chemicals
Complete Raw Materials List and Pricing at a Glance
Specialty Ceramic Glaze Chemicals with Free Shipping
RAW MATERIALS and Ceramic Chemicals Available for Online Ordering
  > Raw Materials Pricing By Full Bag
  > Raw Materials Pricing By Pound (less than 50 lb full bag)
Albany Slip Substitute
Sheffield Slip
Castable Mortars
USG Plasters and Information
Wax Resist
Raw Materials Dictionary / Glaze making, Clay Ingredients
Hand Tools, Banding Wheels, Scales, Brushes and Sponges
Ateco Tools
Garrity Pottery Tools
Diamond Hole Saws, Rotary Tool Tips, Grinding Discs, and Sanding Pads by Chinese Clay Art
Pottery Hand Tools / Trimming Tools
  > Chinese Clay Art
  > Cut-off Needles
  > Dirty Girls Pottery Tools
  > Dolan Tools
    • Dolan Heavy Duty Trimming Tools 300
    • Dolan Tools 100 Series DPT Trimming Tools
    • Dolan Tools 400 Series Medium Trimming Tools
    • Dolan Tools CFT Clay Faceting Tools
    • Dolan Tools DT Turning Tools
    • Dolan Tools DTCS Ceramic Greenware Saws
    • Dolan Tools DTK 200 Series Knives
    • Dolan Tools M Series Mini Sculpting Tools
    • Dolan Tools S Series Sculpting Tools
    • Dolan Tools Turning Hooks DTH
  > Falcon Tools
  > Groovy Tools Pottery Trimming Tools
  > Kemper Clay Tools
  > Miscellaneous Pottery Making Hand Tools
  > MKM Tools Stamps and Texture Rollers
  > Pot Lifts
  > Potter's Ribs
    • Garrity Potters Ribs
    • Trim Gin Ribs by Peter Callas
    • Finishing Rubbers and Metal Scrapers
    • Kemper Wooden Potter's Ribs
    • Sherrill Mud Tools Ribs
    • Shimpo Japanese Style Potter's Ribs
    • Wiziwig Potters Profile Ribs
    • Xiem Ribs
  > Rolling Pins and Wooden Paddles for Clay
  > Sherrill MudTools
  > Shimpo Japanese Style Potter's Tools
  > Tile Cutters
  > Trim Gin Potter's Tools by Peter Callas
  > WiziWig Tools
  > Xiem Pottery Tools
  > Zebra Carving Tools for Clay
Brushes and Sponges
  > Brushes for Potters
  > Sponges
    • Natural Sponges
      > Elephant Ear Sponges
      > Sea Wool Sponges
      > Sets of Natural Sponges
    • Synthetic Sponges
MKM Pottery Tools and Texture Stamps
  > MKM Big Hand Rollers for Clay
  > MKM Decorating Disks
  > MKM Finger Rollers for Clay
  > MKM Hand Rollers for Clay (Medium)
  > MKM Large Texture Rollers for use with Handle 1
  > MKM Medium Texture Rollers for use with Handle 1
  > MKM Small Texture Rollers for use with Handle 1
  > MKM Tools Clay Paddles
  > MKM Tools Clay Texture Twig Rollers
  > MKM Tools SCM 2.5 cm (1") Round Texture Stamps
  > MKM Tools SCS 1.5 cm Small Round Texture Stamps
  > MKM Tools SMR 1 cm Tiny / Mini Round Texture Stamps
  > MKM Tools SSL Large 6cm Square Texture Stamps
  > MKM Tools SSM Double Sided 3 cm Square Texture Stamps
  > MKM Tools SSS Stamps4Clay 1.5cm Small Double Sided Square Stamps
  > MKM Tools Stm-T Tall Triangle Stamps 3cm X 6cm (double sided)
  > MKM Tools Sts Small Triangle Stamps 1.5cm
Xiem Pottery Tools
  > High Quality Xiem Goat Hair Glaze Brushes
  > Other Essential and Amazing Xiem Tools and Accessories
  > Xiem Clay Texture Rollers
  > Xiem Tools Potters Ribs
  > Xiem Tools Precision Bulb Applicator / Slip Trailing Bottles
  > Xiem Trimmers and Stainless Steel Tools for Clay
Banding Wheels
  > Amaco Banding Wheels
  > Shimpo Banding Wheels
Adam Equipment Scales and OHaus Scales
Airbrushes and Sprayers for Ceramic Glazes
Bailey Quick-Trim II QT2
  > Giffin Grip
  > Giffin Lid Master Calipers
  > JIFFLER Mixers
  > Jiffy Mixer
  > Turbo Mixer : Drill Powered Mixers (Drill Not Included)
  > Replacement Parts for Talisman Glaze Sieves
Slip Trailing Bottles | Underglaze Applicators
Tile Cutters and Slab Tools
Kiln Shelves, Posts, Cones and Kiln Firing Accessories
Kiln Controllers and Pyrometers
  > L&L Kilns: Single and Multi-Zone Pyrometers
Orton Cones and Pyrometric Bars
  > Bars (Orton Pyrometric Cones)
  > Cone Plaques for Orton Pyrometric Cones
  > Large Cones (Orton Pyrometric Cones)
  > Orton Cone Chart
  > Orton Cone Chart With Cone Color
  > Orton Pyrometric Cones and Bars Colors
  > Self Supporting Cones (Orton Pyrometric Cones)
  > Small Cones (Orton Pyrometric Cones)
  > Bell Pyrometric Cones and Mini Bars
Kiln Venting Systems
  > Amaco Kiln Venting Systems
  > L&L Kilns Ventsure Kiln Ventilation Systems
  > Orton VentMaster® (with downdraft ventilation)
  > Skutt Kilns EnviroVent Downdraft Kiln Venting System
  > Vent-a-Fume : Place-a-Vent : Fume, Heat, and Dust Extractors
  > Vent-a-Fume Bench Mounted Ventilation Systems
  > Vent-a-Kiln Overhead Kiln Hoods
    • Vent-a-Kiln Kiln Hood Venting System Replacement Parts
Firing Accessories: Kiln Wash, Stilts, Plate and Tile Setters, Etc...
  > Bead Racks
  > Curran Pfeiff Posts, Tile Setters and Bead Racks
  > High Temp Nicrome Wire
  > Kiln Wash and Brick Repair Cement
  > Peep Hole Plugs
  > Rubbing Bricks
  > Stilts
  > Tile and Plate Setters
  > Kevlar, Tongs and Kiln Safety Gear
Kiln Furniture Kits
Kiln Repair Services
Kiln Shelves and Posts
  > Posts
    • 1" Square Kiln Posts
    • 1.5" Square Kiln Posts
    • 2" Square Kiln Posts by Thorley
    • Trianglar Kiln Posts
  > ADVANCER Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelves
  > Cordierite Kiln Shelves
    • Multi-Sided Cordierite Kiln Shelves
    • Round and Half Round Cordierite Kiln Shelves
    • Square and Rectangular Cordierite Kiln Shelves
  > High Alumina Cone 11 Kiln Shelves
  > Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelves
  > Semi Hollow CoreLite Kiln Shelves
  > SUPER SALE OVERSTOCK Corderite Kiln Shelves
  > Kiln Furniture Kits
    • Amaco Kiln Furniture Kits
    • L & L Kiln Furniture Kits
    • Olympic Kiln Shelves and Furniture Kits
      > Olympic Raku Kiln Shelves
    • Paragon Kiln Furniture Kits
    • Skutt Kilns Furniture Kits
    • Tuckers Coneart Kiln Furniture Kits
Software and Computer Interfaces for Pottery Glazes and Ceramics Firing
Mason Stains
Black Mason Stain
Blue Mason Stains
Brown and Orange Mason Stains
Encapsulated Zr-Ca-Se Mason Stains
Green Mason Stains
Grey Mason Stains
Mason Ceramic Body Stains
Mason Stains Frequently Asked Questions
Pink, Crimson, Red and Coral Mason Stains
Purple Mason Stains
Spectrum Industrial Stregnth Dry Stains
White Mason Stains
Yellow Mason Stains
Stamps, Slab Mats, Texture Mats and Molds
MKM Tools Stamps and Texture Rollers
GR Pottery Forms Drape Molds
GR Pottery Forms WA System
Pure and Simple Bat Molds and Slump / Hump Molds
Lino Cutting and Stamps
Moon Balls : Clay Planet Texture Spheres
Texture Rollers by Amaco, Xiem
Kiln Building Bricks, Refractory Mortar, High Temp Caulk and Kaowool
Backyard Clay Bread and Pizza Oven Materials
High Temperature Caulk
Industrial Refractories for Power Plants and other high demand applications
Kaowool Blankets, Board and Rigidizer
Kiln Building Refractory Bricks / Insulating Firebrick
  > HARD BRICKS Dense Firebrick
  > Silicon Carbide Bricks for Industrial Applications
  > SOFT BRICKS / Insulating Firebrick / IFB
Kiln Cement and Castable Refractory and Mortars
Forge Building Materials
Menders, Binders and Additives
Studio Furniture and Equipment
Fountain Glazer and Vacuum Hand
Glaze Mixing Tables
Modeling and Sculpting Stand
North Star Equipment Ceramic Work Table
North Star Equipment VersaCab Ware Cart and Shelf Truck
Spray Booths
Wedging Tables
Brent Studio Furniture
Debcor Studio Furniture
DURHAM Hodge Work Benches
  > Adjustable Height, Folding Leg Work Benches by Durham Hodge
  > Hodge Drawers and Shelves
HEPA Vacuums for Clay Studios
Potter's Stools
Rubbermaid Cans For Clay and Raw Materials Storage
Sink Traps
  > Gleco Trap
  > Trap-Eze Sink Traps for Ceramics and Dentistry by Buffalo Dental
Tiger-Vac HEPA Vacuums for Silica Dust
Lehman Slip Casting Equipment
Bisque and Tiles
Mayco Bisque
Kiln and Pottery Wheel Replacements Parts
Kiln Elements : Full Sets of replacement elements
American Made Pottery Store
Sheffield Pottery Custom Commemorative Pottery

Shipping Information
Contemporary Studios - Paint Your Own Pottery Supplies
Raku Pottery Making Supplies
Amaco Raku Glazes
Raku Kilns
Spectrum Raku Glazes
Books, Videos and DVD's
  > Biographies and History
  > General Pottery Reference and Technical Books
  > Glazing and Decorating
  > Handbuilding, Tiles and Wheel Throwing Books
  > Kilns and Kiln Building
  > Raku and Smoke Firing
Ceramic / Pottery DVDs