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Back-Fill Soil for Large Scale Low Resistance Earth Grounding Systems

Low Resistance Earth Grounding:
Our natural earth has been tested for conductivity and is shown to be suitable for use in low resistance earth grounding systems. The conductivity tested at 42 ohns per meter / 4200 Ohm Centimeters and can be furthur enhanced by adding 1 100lb bag of calcium chloride per 10 cubic yards of the Sheffield clay. Spread the calcium chloride about 4" below the surface and soak thoughly to permit the chloride to disolve into the soil.

Deep and shallow earth grounding systems are critical for protection of personnel and sensitive electrical equipment by creating a low resistance path to earth ground for electrical surges and transient voltages. Lightning, fault currents, circuit switching, and electrostatic discharge are the common causes of these surges and transient voltages. An effective grounding system minimizes the detrimental effects of these electrical surges. A suitable earth termination electrical grounding system improves resistance to uneven power and limits the amount of noise in commercial electrical systems. It is critcal to the function of GFI (ground fault interupt) circuts, lightning protection and reduction of ground potential rises (GPRs).

We also offer Bentonite by the bag and pallet for smaller ground system installations.

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The Sheffield Clay deposit is located in Sheffield, Massachusetts, on U.S. Route 7 in the Southwest corner of Berkshire County. It is situated in the Housatonic River Valley, 60 miles southeast of Albany, New York and 60 miles northwest of Hartford, Connecticut. The deposit is approximately 300 feet deep and is located on a 16 acre site. Our warehouse and production facility includes a 3000 square foot bulk handling area for use in processing our Sheffield Clay. Special properties of this clay are its plasticity, fired color and unique particle size. The raw clay is a pure clay, with no stones, sticks or other contaminants. Our tested formulas blend Sheffield Clay with other more common clays, resulting in a distinct, high quality range of clay bodies unequaled in the Northeast.

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Soil for Low Resistance Earth Grounding Systems