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Clay Slab Rollers

A Slab Roller is a piece of studio equipment that rolls out perfect slabs of clay for hand-building pottery and ceramics.
The slab building technique offers the ability to make forms that would be impossible on a potters wheel. With slabs of clay you can build geometric objects by letting the slab stiffen up a bit and then joining with scratch and score method. Slabs of clay can be laid over hump and slump mold for easy and consistent plates, servers and more.

Slab building is great in the classrooms as kids can make viable work without the huge learning curve of throwing on the wheel!

Texturing your clay in a slab roller adds another layer of creativity. Try leaves and textural fabrics between the clay and the canvas to create unique textures!

Slab rollers range in size from table top models to full table models even including electric powered rollers!

Save time and energy in your studio or classroom with one of the many great slab rollers offered by Sheffield Pottery.
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Slab Rollers