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Recommended Clay Bodies for Tile Making.
What kind of clay should I use to make tiles?
Any clay body can be used for making ceramic tiles, but some will work better than others.
Here is a guide to help you decide which body is right for you.

Micheal Cohen Tiles The first thing to narrow your search is the cone or temperature at which you fire.
The second is the color you are interested in.
The third is the size of the pieces you are interested in making which may determine the amount and/or size of the grog in the body necessary to achieve your goals.

Note: be sure to fire any clay to the top of it's firing range when creating items such as bath tiles. The top number where a clay is given a range such as "cone 02-10" indicates that the clay is fully vitrified at cone 10 and will no longer absorb water after being fired to that temperature.

Shown Here is a Tile by Michael Cohen made with custom Sheffield Pottery Stoneware clay.
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ow-fire Cone 06 Clay for Making Ceramic Tiles:

Low fire tiles are fine for decorative purposes and plaques. If you wish to do low-fire tiles (cone 06) we highly recommend the
Mass White SS
. The Mass White SS is an earthenware clay with a silica sand grog which gives a nice tooth for tile making. It is light in color and easy to use.

Cone 6 Clay for Making Ceramic Tiles:

Cone 6 bodies can be suitable for kitchen and bathroom applications when fired to their fully vitrified state. This is the recommended cone if you fire in a a cone 10 rated electric kiln.
T6B which is buff in color is a nice clay for stoneware tiles.
4D which is good if you prefer a tan/brown color stoneware.
20266 is a cone 4-6 grolleg porcelain which is good choice if you want a white body.

Cone 10 Clay for Making Ceramic Tiles:

If you have a gas fired cone 10 kiln and want a tight body suitable for batroom tiles you should consider a cone 10 clay.
T1S is a fine grog stoneware prefereded by tile makers. This is the darkest of our reduction bodies. Good for large pieces. T-1S includes screen fireclay and Lizella.
45R which is also our stoneware Raku Clay is designed with a high percentage of coarse grog to withstand the thermal shock of fast firing and cooling in Raku. Good structure for slab building and tiles. For tiles fire this body to cone 10 to fully vitrify.
S14 is a similar stoneware body with a coarser grog which is a good choice for larger tiles.
20231G is the choice If you prefer a lighter color cone 10 clay for tile making: it is a white stoneware containing super smooth English Grolleg porcelain. Throws well, very smooth and dependable.

Please feel free to call us if you would like further assistance choosing the right clay for your specific project needs. Call 888.774-2529.

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Mass White Low-Fire Clay With Silica Sand Mass White Low-Fire Clay 4D Stoneware Moist Clay cone 5/6 50Lb Box
Or less depending on quantity ! Mass White with Silica Sand Or less depending on quantity ! Mass White Low-Fire Clay Or less depending on quantity ! 4D Stoneware Moist Clay cone 5/6 50Lb Box
Or less depending on quantity ! #45R Moist Raku Clay 50Lb Box Or less depending on quantity ! S-14 Sculptural Stoneware Moist Clay 50Lb Box Or less depending on quantity ! T-6B Moist Stoneware Clay 50Lb Box c6
Or less depending on quantity ! T-1S Moist Stoneware Pottery Clay 50Lb Box c6-10 Or less depending on quantity ! #20231g White Stoneware w/Grog c6-10 Moist Clay 50Lb Box #20266 Porcelain Moist Clay 50Lb Box
Clay for Tile Making