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Olympic 2831H Digital Stackable Electric Kiln 11.67 Cu. Ft: Cone 10

Olympic 2831H "Stackable" Electric Kiln with V6-CF Electronic Controller : 11.67 Cu. Ft:  Cone 10
Olympic 2831H "Stackable" Electric Kiln with V6-CF Electronic Controller : 11.67 Cu. Ft: Cone 10

Olympic 2831H "Stackable" Electric Kiln with V6-CF Electronic Controller : 11.67 Cu. Ft:  Cone 10
List Price: $5,315.00
Our Price: $4,486.25
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Price with Selected Options: $4,486.25
Item Class Pottery Kilns

Availability:: 8-12 weeks
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Olympic Kilns Furniture Kit

Add Furniture Kit to 28"H Standard Electric Kiln [Add $540.00]
Olympic Kilns Touchscreen Upgrade

Olympic Kilns Upgrade to Genesis Touchscreen Controller [Add $110.00]
Olympic Vent System

Olympic : Add Vent System to Standard Electric Kiln [Add $528.00]
Olympic Stackable 3 Zone Option

Olympic Stackable Add 3 Zone Option [Add $240.00]
Olympic Kilns Voltage

Olympic Voltage:
480 [Add $455.00]
Olympic : 3 Phase Wiring

3 Phase [Add $90.00]
Olympic Electric Blank Ring

Add Blank ring to 28" ("H" and Non-"H"Models) Adds 1.67 cu ft. [Add $329.00]
Olympic Castors for Electric Kilns

Add Castors [Add $265.00]
Remote Freight

MT, WA and OR Freight*:
Washington State + Oregon Freight Surcharge L3 [Add $550.00]
I am not in either of these states
NY City, Long Island, FL, Texas Freight

NY City, Long Island, Texas Freight*:
I am not in any of these these states
NYC, LI, FL, Texas, WVFreight Charge L2 [Add $174.99]
Western States Freight

CA, NV, AZ, ID, MT, WY, UT, CO, NM Freight Charge L3 [Add $329.00]
I am not in any of these states
Lift Gate Delivery

Lift Gate Delivery : Truck will get equipment to the ground [Add $35.00]
Lift Gate Delivery Not Needed: I Have Loading Dock or Forklift


Olympic 2831H "Stackable" Electric Kiln with V6-CF Electronic Controller : 11.67 Cu. Ft: Cone 10

See complete specifications for this model in charts below.
Olympic Kilns: Here is the place to order your Olympic Kilns. Always on sale, we offer Olympic kilns for ceramics and glass fusing in both gas fired kiln and electric kiln models. Ask about our delivery and Professional Inside Setup.
We carry all Olympic Kilns parts and accessories and we offer repair services as well.

Olympic 18", 23" and 28" Multi-Sided Electric Kilns
Olympic's stackable electric kilns are designed to come apart so that you can easily move them from one location to another, easily work on one section of the kiln without taking the entire electrical system off the kiln, and increase or decrease the depth of kiln as needed. Note: Stackable does not indicate that the kilns are stackable, it refers to the stacked rings construction.

Note: Select cone 10 versions of these kilns are available as the FREEDOM SERIES which bundles the kiln with it's furniture kit, vent system and more for a special reduced price... so for most people the Freedom series is a great place to get started... Click here to go to the Freedom Series Versions.

The 18" series is a good starter kiln for the home artist who plans to be firing multiple items at a time.
18" kilns are available in 3 depths: 18", 23" and 27".
All Olympic 18 inch kilns built in sections have a metal stand, hinged lid, stainless steel jacket, plus the unique Olympic inter-tie system with the recessed prongs connecting the rings. A bonus feature of Olympic Kilns built in rings is the reversible bottom, which can be easily turned over in the event of damage to one side.

The 23-inch kiln has long been the standard for commercial sized loads. The Olympic 23-inch series is available in depths of 18 to 31 1/2 inches, allowing the studio owner space for large loads or tall and bulky items. The 23-inch kilns can be fired everyday with high performance heating and controlled cooling, giving a perfect fi ring every time. Every 23-inch kiln is equipped with a hinged lid, pilot light, metal stand, and stainless steel jacket. The ring construction, separate bottom, and easily detached lid make this large kiln easy to set up and move if necessary. The elements of the Olympic 23-inch kilns are carefully balanced to give even heating regardless of the size of the load in the kiln. Models 2318 and 2327 fire to cone 8, 2300F, whereas, models 2323 and 2331 fire to cone 4, 2100F. Any of these models are available in the "H" versions which fire to cone 10, 2350F.
The 23" series generally works well in the school environment or for the home or studio artist who has outgrown the 18" series. There are four depths available for the 23" kilns : 18", 23", 27" and 31"

The 28-inch series are all built of 3 brick; however, heavy-duty elements are installed on cone 10 versions. The standard features are hinged lid, pilot light, metal stand, and stainless steel jacket. The top and bottom sections are connected to the center section by an interconnecting plug. This allows the sections to be easily separated and reduces the amperage carried by the interconnecting plug to just one element. The ring construction and easily detached lid make these kilns easy to move and easy to change depth if necessary. Olympic 28-inch, oval and cone 10 Olympic Kilns have twenty percent more wall thickness means a stronger more efficient kiln. Compare the amperage draw of the Olympic 28-inch and cone 10 kilns with our competitors to tell the true story. You have the added insulation, while retaining the strength of the brick. The 28-inch cone 10 kilns have balanced heating elements to insure even heating of the firing chamber under all firing conditions. Whether your need is high firing of porcelain and stoneware or efficient firing of ceramics requiring low temperatures, the Olympic 28-inch series kilns are right for you.
The 28" series serves well as a production kiln for the contemporary studio and production potter.
All 28" kilns are built with 3" brick whether they are cone 8 or cone 10 kilns.
There are four depths available for the 28" kilns : 18", 23", 27" and 31".

Every size kiln is available in a regular (cone 8 except 2323 and 2331 which are cone 4) or "H" (cone 10) version.
The 18 and 23"-inch series cone 10 kilns are built of brick with extra thickness, rather than adding more wattage or non-brick insulation. The extra insulation means the cone 10 kilns do not require more power to achieve higher temperatures, and low temperature firing is accomplished with increased efficiency. Increasing the wall insulation with thicker brick, rather than with soft insulation, retains the strength and rigidity of the standard Olympic Kiln, and brick replacement and maintenance is extremely easy. The cone 10 kilns look much like our regular kiln, and their interior dimensions are the same as the corresponding standard kiln. Olympic Kilns proven electrical box design, has heat shields and top and bottom perforations to keep the electrical components cool.

Non-powered Blank Rings are available for each of the 3 widths.

Note: Blank rings decrease the maximum firing temperature of a kiln by about 2 cones.

Each kiln comes with stand, peephole plugs, instruction manual, and warranty card.
One-year warranty on "H" models , Two-year on non-"H" models.
See chart below for all of these kilns specifications.
olympic Kilns specs

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