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LG-58 Brilliant Red Amaco Glaze

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LG-58 Brilliant Red Amaco Glaze

LG-58 Brilliant Red Amaco Glaze
Amaco LG Low Fire Glazes Sheffield Pottery
Amaco Gloss Glazes are available in 48 shades that fire to a high gloss finish for any of any of your pieces. Though an array of colors are available, they may also be mixed or layered to create unique tones. Once fired, pieces are finished to a smooth, satin-like texture. A low fire allows the glaze to flow, which covers most imperfections.

The majority of Amaco Gloss Glazes are lead free, making them a suitable choice for food-safe projects. There are a small number of exceptions to this, therefore users should take care prior to using this glaze on dinnerware.

Cone 06-04.AMACOŽ Gloss Glazes fire to a smooth, glossy finish at a witness Cone 05 (1915°F, 1046°C). AmacoŽ Gloss Glazes flow slightly during firing to a high gloss finish, while correcting most application imperfections. Good results can be obtained on most ceramic clay or slip.

LG-10 has a smooth and high gloss surface. Make sure it reaches a mature witness Cone 05 (1915°F, 1046°C). You might apply it thinner than usual for best results. Two coats are usually enough.

Clear glaze can be used over the AMACOŽ LUG series, Velvet, Velvet-1-Strokes, Designer Velvet and over the GDC Gloss decorating colors. When gloss decorating colors are used over bisque, they need a clear gloss over them, which is applied at the same time and fired once. LG-11, Opaque White, is the whitest and most opaque of our white glazes. It can be used for the Majolica technique (see Underglazes/Gloss Decorating Colors). Apply LG-11 White on a mature Cone 04 (1940°F, 1060°C) bisque. Then paint your design using GDC Gloss Decorating Colors over the unfired white glaze. Fire when your design is done. There is no need for a clear glaze over the GDC design when you have a white glaze as a base.

All AMACOŽ glazes are formulated for brushing, however if pouring, sponging or dipping techniques are used for lead containing glazes, we recommend using rubber gloves, so that glaze will not get on your hands and run the risk of hand to mouth contamination and ingestion of lead.

An important factor in the success of these glazes is the need for a fast firing (3-4 hours) to no higher than Cone 06 (1830°F, 999°C) and their requirements of generous air supply during firing. The kiln should be stacked with plenty of air space around the pieces to permit circulation. Do not crowd the kiln. Fire with peepholes left open during the entire firing cycle. Sometimes the door of the kiln may be left ajar, anything to assure a plentiful oxygen supply.

Finally, the proximity of copper green glazes will adversely affect the red glazes. Pieces with green-colored glaze should be kept as far removed as possible from the red glazes. When all of these points of advice are carefully observed, we are confident that the brilliant results expected of AMACOŽ products will be achieved.

The three White gloss glazes from AmacoŽ offer a variety of finishes when fired. DG-11 Deco White fires to a pure white, LG-11 fires white, and F-11 White fires to an off-white.

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