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L&L Kilns : Davinci T2327D

L&L KILNS :  DAVINCI T2327D: Includes DynaTrol & Industrial Thermocouples
L&L KILNS : DAVINCI T2327D: Includes DynaTrol & Industrial Thermocouples

L&L KILNS :  DAVINCI T2327D: Includes DynaTrol & Industrial Thermocouples
Our Price: $11,155.00

Price with Selected Options: $11,155.00
Crating Fee $600.00
Item Class Pottery Kilns

Product Code:

L & L Kilns Voltage

L&L 208 / 3 Phase
L&L 208 /Single Phase
L&L 240 / 3 Phase
L&L 240 / Single Phase
L&L 480 Volt : Not UL Listed [Add $1,090.00]
L&L 480 Volt : UL Listed [Add $1,090.00]
Options: Use Check Boxes and Hit Update Price

L&L Furniture Kit:
L&L Add a Furniture Kit To DaVinci T2327 [Add $899.00](nine 22" x 11" shelves and one large square post kit with with with six each 1/2", 1", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8" high posts)
L&L Genesis Touch Screen

L&L 12 Key Dynatrol instead of Genesis
L&L Jupiter/DaVinci Powered Bottom

L&L Jupiter/DaVinci Powered Bottom:
L&L Add a Powered Bottom To T2300 Series : Save 15% [Add $1,200.00]
L&L Vent Sure

L&L Vent-Sure Kiln Vent System [Add $599.00]
L&L Vent Control

Add Integrated Vent Control : (for Genesis or Dynatrol only) [Add $190.00]

L&L 120 VOLT: e- Noise Control:
Remote Freight

MT, WA and OR Freight*:
Washington State + Oregon + Montana Freight Surcharge L2 [Add $500.00]
I am not in either of these states
NY City, Long Island, FL, Texas Freight

NY City, Long Island, Texas Freight*:
I am not in any of these these states
NYC, LI, FL, Texas, WVFreight Charge L3 [Add $124.99]
Western States Freight

CA, NV, AZ, ID, MT, WY, UT, CO, NM Freight Charge L3 [Add $329.00]
I am not in any of these states
Lift Gate Delivery

Lift Gate Delivery : Truck will get equipment to the ground [Add $35.00]
Lift Gate Delivery Not Needed: I Have Loading Dock or Forklift


L&L Kilns : DAVINCI T2327D

Order your DaVinci square and rectangular sectional kiln from Sheffield Pottery. Ask about our professional delivery and inside set up.

They come in 22 sizes from 3.4 cubic feet to 34.5 cubic feet. They are available in 6 cross-sections from 18" high to 45" high. They all feature a unique spring-loaded counterbalance, separate control panel, 3" firebrick, heavy-duty elements. Manual or automatic. Our prices show the automatic versions. Call if you would like to order the manual version for the same discount.
  • L&L Davinci Kilns T2327d e- specs

Basic Specifications

Shown above with optional kiln sitter backup

  • Internal Size: 35 1/4" wide x 26 1/2" deep x 27" high
  • Number of Sections: Three
  • Brick: 3" of premium select K23
  • Max Temp: 2350F, 1287C, Cone 10
  • Control Panel Mount: Floor Standing, Plug-in, separate from kiln
  • Control: Handheld DynaTrol with Dynamic Zone Control, 4 preset programs, 6 user defined programs
  • Industrial Thermocouples
  • Hinge: Spring Loaded Counterbalance
  • Stand: Heavy-Duty Welded Angle Iron
  • Power Hook Up: Direct Hook-Up
  • Heavy Duty Elements
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Shipping Weight:
  • 1300 pounds for kiln. 1325 pounds for kiln with vent. 1450 pounds for kiln with furniture kit. 1475 pounds for kiln with vent and kit. Shipping class 85.
    Shipping Dimensions:

    Two wooden crates: one is 54” by 54” by 48” tall. The other crate is 44” by 44” by 84” tall.

L&L Kilns Davinci T2300 Sizes
DaVinci Kilns Features
Square and rectangular DaVinci kilns use shallow arches for their sides. This is very stable and much stronger than oval kiln designs where the weak front can cave in under pressure (from loading or moving). Loading of many types of ware (for instance plates and tiles) is far more efficient in a square or rectangular kiln than in a polygonal or oval kiln. The extra “plus” space created by the arch in the sides helps natural convection inside the kiln without taking up valuable loading space. This natural convection promotes even firing.
Spring-counterbalanced brick lid
The lid can be opened with one hand. Because the lid closes gently there is less wear and tear on the lid and rim. In addition, the lid is fully supported around the perimeter with structural steel members. This takes stress off of the fragile firebrick. The hinge post is adjustable up and down. This allows the hinge
system to be adapted to your kiln if you add or remove a section. The heavy-duty hinge system is made of welded structural steel. The lid is worry-free firebrick. A rigid steel channel frame surrounds the lid. Stainless steel channels hold the lid to this frame. Even if the door cracks it will maintain its integrity and stay in place. Adjust size by adding sections All DaVinci production kilns are made in 9” high sections that come apart. You can increase or decrease the size by adding or removing a section (without removing the lid!)
Heavy-duty welded frame bottom
The welded stand will solidly support the weight of the kiln and the heaviest load in your kiln.
Easy to move and set up Because the DaVinci kilns come in 9” high sections, they can be easily moved and set up. Move them through any standard 32” wide doorway.
Elements last up to four times longer
Heavy gauge premium elements with a very low watt density last 3 to 4 times longer than most typical kiln elements, proven in over 20 years of firing. There are three elements per 9” high section. Branch fusing Each element circuit or zone is separately fused in a branch circuit.
Handheld DynaTrol zone control with “Dynamic Zone Control”. (See page 10). An On/Off switch turns power off to the kiln when not using it. A control fuse protects the control circuit.
Floor standing detached control panel
The control panel mounts on the floor - away from kiln heat. Switches and sensitive components last longer. Kiln sections plug into the panel with flexible cords. The panel door is hinged and all wiring is neatly laid out for easy maintenance.
Many options and sizes
There are 20 sizes up to 34-1/2 cubic feet (plus custom sizes - see page 45). Standard crosssections are 22” square, 26-1/2” square, 30-1/2” square, 26-1/2” by 35-1/4” rectangular and 30- 1/2” by 43-1/2” rectangular. Heights of 18”, 27”, 36” and 45” are standard with other heights custom. All models are available as manual kilns. Bottom elements are available on many models. There are many other options which you can find in the L&L Custom Kiln Catalog.

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