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Knowledgebase Articles

Helpful articles and buying guides for Ceramic, Glass, and Metal Artists.

Glazes and Glazing

Amaco Glaze Technical Information and Safety
Clayscapes Mixing and Application Tips
About fixing Frozen Clay Glazes

Ceramic Materials Guide

Our Handy Ceramic Materials Dictionary
Changes to G200 Feldspar

About Kiln Firing

Learn About the Bartlett Genesis Wifi Touch Screen Controller
Kiln Buyers Guide
What are Cones for ? What are the the different colors?

Clay and Forming

What Kind of Clay Should I Get ?
About the different types of clay extruders
Pottery Wheel Buyers Guide
What the heck is a "slab roller" and why do I want one so much?
Clay Extruders: A studio essential!
Preventing S-Cracks: PDF Article by Jeff Zamek: the definitive answer!