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Kiln Shelves, Posts, Cones and Other Kiln Firing Accessories

Orton Cones and Bars Discounted with Free ShippingHere you will find all manner of kiln firing accessories including kiln shelves and posts for stacking the shelves in the kiln.
We offer stilts for low and high fire which raise your pot off the kiln shelf as well as plate and tile setters to maximize stacking space in the kiln.
You can order Orton pyrometric cones for witness cones or for setting your Kiln Sitter.
See subcategories above for kiln venting systems and other kiln firing accessories!.
For the kiln builder we offer refractory fire bricks, castable refractories, kiln cement, kaowool and insulation as well as books on the subject. These items are in the Kiln Building Materials Section of our website.

Feel free to email or call to discuss your kiln building project.

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Kiln Starter Kit for Cone 6 Firing Kiln Starter Kit for Cone 6 Firing

Kiln Starter Kit for Cone 6 Firing

Our Price: $99.00
Kiln Shelves, Posts, Cones and Kiln Firing Accessories