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13" X 26 X 1"" Rectangle High Alumina Kiln Shelf

13" x 26 x 1"" Rectangle HIGH ALUMINA KILN SHELF

13" x 26 x 1"" Rectangle HIGH ALUMINA KILN SHELF
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13" x 26" x 1" Rectangular High Alumina Kiln Shelf

Spectrum High Alumina Kiln Shelves are excellent for electric kilns and gas kilns. The clay body used has a much higher amount of alumina than regular coredierite shelves. Alumina makes it more refractory or resistant to high temperatures. They are rated to cone 11.
They are pressed into molds rather than cast. This compression makes them much stronger than regular cordierite kiln shelves. They have a very smooth finish making them great for ceramics or glass firing. These shelves are highly recommended for any electric kiln from low fire to cone 10. They are also highly recommended gas kilns. They are occasionally used in the back of wood kilns but for wood firing we recommend conventional silicon carbide shelves.

Protect your shelves with kiln wash. Apply kiln wash to only one side of the shelf. When the kiln wash starts to flake, thoroughly remove it, flip the shelf and apply to the other side. By flipping the shelf, slight warping can be counteracted.

Best practice when applying kiln wash is to apply a coat, fire it on, and repeat that process two more times. This will give you a long lasting coating to protect the shelves from glaze drips. To remove the kiln wash when it starts to become flaky, we recommend this silicon rubbing brick : makes it easy ! Click here : Rubbing brick

These kiln shelves are made from a body that is very similar to Acme (Dyson) Remcor body and is equivalent in quality and strength. They hold up well, without significant warping to cone 11. Not recommended for use in wood or Raku firing.


We are happy to ship kiln shelves to you via UPS, common carrier, or our own truck in specially prepared boxes using the following guidelines:

1) Most shelves can be shipped via UPS except the 28" and larger
2) The weight limit of shelves per box is 60 lbs.
3) The number of shelves per box is limited to 6 .
4) The packing fee for UPS is $6.00 per shelf in addition to UPS freight.
5) Orders for more than 3 boxes will be shipped common carrier or our truck.
6) For common carrier or delivery in our own truck, the packing fee is 10% of the value of the shelf.

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