Shipping and Taxes Details

NOTE : Website orders have a $49.99 minimum.
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SKUTT DROP SHIP TAX TO SOME STATES : Skutt items such as parts are drop shipped from the factory will have state tax added to these states Arizona California Colorado Indiana Maryland Massachusetts Michigan North Carolina New Jersey Pennsylvania South Carolina Texas Washington Wisconsin. If you are tax exempt in these states and need Skutt items please email us a copy of your exemption certificate when you order.
PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR BILLING ADDRESS. Your bank can put a hold on your funds for up to 7 days because of a billing address mismatch. Thanks!
FREE SHIPPING does not apply to any international orders.
Free Shipping on Glazes includes Alaska and Hawaii except for glazes that ship in pails and gallons.
Equipment Sur-Charges : Kilns, Wheels and other equipment marked free shipping is for the lower 48 only. We will have to calculate freight for equipment going to Alaska or Hawaii.
Some restrictions and sur-charges may apply when shipping freight to hard to reach places such as islands and metropolitan areas such as NYC, Chicago, LA and North-west destinations.
Notes on shipping during freezing weather : Frozen Clay and Glazes Note: we do not ship wax resist when there is danger of it freezing.
We have to use our discretion as to when we can ship your clay to avoid it getting frozen. This may slow the delivery of your order. Frozen clay is not ruined however. It can be wedged to get it back to usable condition.
Glazes that have been frozen can simply be thawed and mixed and they return to original condition. An immersion blender is the easiest way to remix pints of glaze.
Learn more and see a quick and informative video on reconstituting frozen clay and glaze here :