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Table-Top Portable Potters Wheels

Table Top Portable Pottery wheelsWe offer tabletop pottery wheels.
Choose either the Shimpo Aspire or the Speedball Artista for a great wheel in a small and portable package!
Whether you need something small for your studio or you need a pottery wheel to take on the road for demos, one of these portable pottery wheels will work great for you.
The Artista features an 11" wheel head with standard 10" pin outs to fit your regular bats and centers 25 pounds!
The Shimpo Aspire centers 20 pounds using the same motor as the VL-Lite and is available with hand lever control or foot pedal !

Both great wheels for beginners or pros on the go !
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Shimpo Plastic Bats for Aspire Potter's Wheel Shimpo Plastic Bats for Aspire Potter's Wheel

Shimpo Plastic Bats for Aspire Potter's Wheel

Our Price: $9.00
Creative Industries / Speedball ARTISTA Potters wheel LEG SET Artista Potters Wheel Static Leg Set

Creative Industries / Speedball ARTISTA Potters wheel LEG SET-STATIC:

This sturdy steel leg-set attaches easily to the underside of the Artista and sets the wheel at a comfortable 22" height for seated throwing.

Our Price: $121.00
FOOTPEDAL FOR ARTISTA WHEELS Footpedal For Artista Wheel Creative Industries

The Speedball Artista foot pedal is an optional plug-in that gives you more control as you work.

Our Price: $124.00
Artista Leg Set-Folding Creative Industries Artista Potters Wheels Folding Leg Set


Our Price: $249.00
Speedball Artista Portable Potter's Wheel with Splash Pan Speedball Artista Wheel with Splash Pan

Speedball Artista Portable Potter's Wheel with Free Shipping, Splash Pan, and Bats

Comes with (2) free bats, bat pins, 2 buckets, and a 2-year warranty.

This Speedball Artista pottery wheel is a great option for entry-level work. The Artista Pottery Wheel is a great choice for the beginning potter. It is placed on any table top and runs on regular household electricity.

It is not the most powerful wheel but it is strong enough so that the budding potter can have a great experience and really make wheel thrown pottery. Some of the very inexpensive potter's wheels out there on the market are really toys, not powerful enough to even center a small amount of clay. Trying to learn to throw on one of those will inevitably will lead only to frustration.
In contrast the Artista has 1/3 horsepower, industrial motor and 25-lb centering capacity. You will even see professional potters bringing the Speedball Artista pottery wheel with them to give demonstrations. It is portable, affordable, powerful and fun.

Combining convenience with quality, power and capacity, the Artista™ Potter’s Wheel has it all! This lightweight wheel’s compact construction makes it portable and easy to store. Artista’s™ 25lb centering capacity makes this wheel a great fit for any studio or classroom. With an 11" wheel head, 1/3 HP motor that runs smoothly with very little noise, variable speed hand control (0-220 rpm) and a two-part splash pan (included), the Artista™ leaves little to desire in performance, quality and value. This potter’s wheel also includes: (2) free Bats (B75, B12), 2 year warranty.

List Price: $649.00
Our Price: $520.00
You save $129.00!
Table-Top Portable Potters Wheels