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Spectrum Low Fire Glazes Base Glazes for Making Underglaze / Overglaze Underglazes, Majolica, RAC Pens, Ceramic Stains
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Spectrum Glazes

Spectrum GlazesHere you can order online a great variety of easy to use Spectrum pottery glazes.

Spectrum Glazes includes everything from Raku glazes to cone 10 glazes. There are several groups of low-fire, cone 5/6 and metallic series.
Most all Spectrum glazes have layering possibilities and the the 1100 series cone 5/6 glazes make amazing layering combinations with Amaco Potter's Choice and other brands as well.

Spectrum glazes are well tested and reliable : order with confidence ! ...And as always, all glazes at Sheffield Pottery are Free Shipping !

Spectrum Glazes is unique among ceramic glaze suppliers in that we focus exclusively on producing the highest quality, most colorful and diverse selection of fired finishes available anywhere. All of our energies are devoted to manufacturing glazes and other ceramic coatings. Our formulations have been developed over our 20 years in business with careful attention to detail, backed by our on-going commitment to thorough testing of materials and every batch of finished product. All of our products use ceramic frits and stains as their principal ingredients. This provides superior appearance and consistency of results over other products made primarily from raw materials, such as minerals and metal oxides. We also use a higher percentage of stains in our formulae which gives greater intensity, brightness, and depth of color to our glazes, underglazes, etc.

We take great pride in our products and hope that you will get as much satisfaction from using them as we do from making them.
Spectrum Glazes was established in 1979 by Robert Arnfield who utilized his 25 years of experience in the glass industry in developing the initial glaze formulations.
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Spectrum Glazes