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Spectrum Glaze Additives 1070 - 1072 Spectrum Glaze Crystals: Cone 06- Cone 6

Spectrum Glaze Additives and Fixers : Suspender, Thinner, Brushing Media and Crystals

BRUSHING MEDIA 1070 - Our Brushing Media is a simple gum solution that can be added to any glaze, underglaze, etc. to improve its brushing characteristics.
SUSPENDER 1071 - used to help suspend glazes that have become subject to settling out.
GLAZE THINNER 1072 - very powerful thinning agent and should be added very sparingly.
MENDING PASTE 1074 - This is a mending paste that can be used to attach two pieces of bisque together.
Spectrum Glaze Additives : Suspender, Thinner, Brushing Media and Crystals