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Skutt Multi-Media Kilns

PLEASE NOTE: Due to current circumstances and very high demand, some lead times for
Skutt kilns may be longer than normal. Expect lead-time of 8-12 weeks. Skutt says :"we are working hard every day to come up with creative ideas to increase our production and get your orders on the road to you with the quality and attention to detail you expect and deserve."

Free Lift-gate service on Skutt Kilns

NEW KilnMaster Touchscreen With Built-In WiFi
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Skutt Glass Kiln : Firebox 8x4 LT Skutt Glass Kiln : Firebox 8x4 LT

Skutt Glass and Ceramics Kiln : Firebox 8x4 LT

Our Price: $1,160.00
Skutt Kiln : Firebox 8x6 LT for Glass or Ceramics Skutt Glass, PMC or Ceramics Kiln : Firebox 8x6 LT

Skutt Firebox 8x6 LT Kiln for Glass, PMC or Ceramics

Our Price: $1,290.00

SKUTT WiFI Touch-Screen Kiln Controller

Like Your Smartphone the new KMT controller navigates with just a touch of a finger and allows us to guide you through programming with full sentences, helpful icons, and dynamic navigation.

  • ConeFire Mode – Allows you to easily program the kiln based on the cone value and whether it is a bisque or glaze firing. Now it is faster than ever. An easy to edit screen lets you quickly change parameters from the last firing and start the program. You can also view the actual segments in the program and display a graph of the firing.
  • Ramp/Hold Programming Mode – Allows you to easily input your own firing programs. Now you can Name Your Programs and store them in My Programs for easy access. You can even Copy Programs you like, but want to change slightly to speed up the programming process.
  • Guided Start – This programming Mode is meant for beginners. It guides you through every step of the programming process with Helpful Messages to make things crystal clear and give you confidence you have done everything correctly before you press Start.
  • Program Library – We have added a program library with helpful programs for unique processes like Slow Sculpture, Steven Hill Single Fire, and Cone 5 Crystal Glaze.
  • Help Screens – Nearly every page has a Help Button that will give you detailed information about the screen you are currently viewing. It is like having the manual right on the controller!
  • More Detailed Diagnostics – We put in place more detailed diagnostic tools which make it faster to figure out what may be going on with your kiln. And, because your kiln is connected to the internet our technicians can view the data right from their desk.
  • Graphing – When you press Start the controller will display a Graph of the firing so you can follow it along as the kiln goes through the program.
  • Logging – The controller actually stores the information from your last 10 firings which can be downloaded to an Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Upgrading to KilnLink – Adding KilnLink to your kiln just got easier and more affordable. The built-in WiFi eliminates the need for expensive hardware so now all you need to do is pay a minimal monthly data storage and development fee.

Excellent ceramics and pottery projects require the highest quality kilns. Professionals and hobbyists alike understand that it is a necessity to have the right kilns for their space. Skutt, widely known as the top brand of ceramic kiln available, manufactures a variety of kilns so you can find the perfect one for your space and your projects.
High Quality Construction
Skutt Kilns are preferred among top potters and ceramics masters because they are proven to be long-lasting, high quality kilns.
Easy to Use
Skutt Kilns come equipped with user-friendly controllers that make choosing the right firing temperature as easy as possible, even for first-timers.
Technical Service and Warranty
Skutt offers a two-year warranty on parts and labor.
Skutt Kilns for Pottery and CeramicsWhich Skutt Kiln is Right for You?
Feel free to call the kiln experts at Sheffield Pottery let us guide you to the right model for you budget and needs. (888)774-2529
...or simply click on the models below and order today!

Built-in WiFi makes it possible to download any software feature upgrades for free so it is like having a new Kiln Controller for the life of the kiln.

A Free App works in conjunction with the WiFi and allows you to monitor your kiln temperature and status from your smartphone.Think how comforting it will be not to get out of bed to be sure your kiln shutoff as expected.

The Hinged Controller allows you to move the controller up and down to an angle that is comfortable for you to program. No more getting on your hands and knees. After programming you can push it back down so it is out of your way and easy to view from across the room.

It has the Same Functions you have come to know and love from the standard KilnMaster Controller Plus More!

There are exciting New Functions that are on this controller as well.