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Skutt Kilns KilnLink : Cloud Based Kiln Monitoring

Skutt Kilns KilnLink : Cloud Based Kiln Monitoring
Skutt Kilns KilnLink : Cloud Based Kiln Monitoring

Skutt Kilns KilnLink : Cloud Based Kiln Monitoring
Our Price: $100.00

Price with Selected Options: $100.00
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Skutt Kiln Link Subscription

Skutt Kiln Link 1 Year Subscription [Add $100.00]
Skutt Kiln Link 5 Year Subscription [Add $325.00]


Skutt Kilns KilnLink : Cloud Based Kiln Monitoring Subscription Available :

Requires Skutt Touch Screen Controller.

What is KilnLink

KilnLink is a cloud based Kiln Monitoring System that allows you to check the status of your kiln from anywhere you have access to the internet.

Also required is a touch screen controller and service package from Skutt which may be purchased as a one year or a five year contract.
Please call Sheffield Pottery at (888)774-2529 to quote you on KilnLink for a new kiln or to upgrade your existing digital Skutt kilns.
Note: It cannot be used on Kiln Sitter manual kilns.


How Does it Work

KilnLink connects your kiln to the internet and feeds information from each firing in real time to the KilnLink Database. Authorized users just log on to their account using a computer or smart phone connected to the internet. You can even set it up to send you Email or Text alerts.


What Type of Information Can I Obtain

The easy to navigate screens will allow you to find the following information:


Current Status

  • Current Temperature
  • Graph of Firing
  • Current Program
  • Graphs of Every Firing
  • Programs Run
  • Start and End Times

Know what you kiln is doing at all hours of the day no matter where you are. You can check the current temperature, view a graph of the firing, even check multiple kilns. The peace of mind you will gain from knowing your kiln is safely off is invaluable.

Firing History

  • Graphs of Every Firing
  • Programs Run
  • Start and End Times
  • Firing Costs
  • Firing Notes
  • Performance

All of your firings are logged on the server so you can go back and check your notes to see what has worked in the past. You can also monitor the costs of your electrical use for budgeting purposes.


  • Amperage Readings by Section
  • Voltage Readings

Checking the amperage and voltage of your kiln is necessary at times in order to diagnose problems and anticipate maintenance. This can be expensive to hire a professional. With KilnLink all of that data is logged without even having to open the control box.

Why Should My School Buy KilnLink

Save Time and Gain Freedom

KilnTechIt seems everyday our schedules get tighter and tighter. Most teachers are required to monitor their kilns. KilnLink gives teachers the freedom to know what is going on with their kiln without having to go to the kiln room. That means more time with the students and more freedom for the teacher. Often times it is not realistic to keep a teacher at school for the entire length of a kiln firing. KilnLink can keep Ceramics a viable option for schools. Art Coordinators can even be authorized to view all the kilns in their district.

Save Money and Down Time

Kiln Maintenance can be expensive and unpredictable. With KilnLink Skutt technicians can pull up all the data they need to diagnose your kiln and avoid multiple trips from your kiln repair contractor. Your contractor can also be authorized so they can evaluate each kiln for future maintenance and handle problems before they happen.



How Do We Get Started

Contact Skutt

Skutt representatives can help you get started whether you are adding a single system to your home or converting an entire school district. When you call Skutt we will help you evaluate your current inventory of kilns and work with a local distributor to get you a quote.


Once the quote has been approved we will work with a local distributor to install the systems. Some kilns may require controller upgrades depending on their age. Once the systems are in place we will help guide you through activating each location, authorizing users, and setting up alerts. After that you are up and ready to go.

Contact Skutt today to find out how you can get
KilnLink for your Classroom

kilnlink benefits for schools-200px

Find out how KilnLink can increase safety, reduce costs, and improve the quality and effectiveness of your clay program.


Specifications and Installation Instructions


“My little kiln just happily fired itself and reported all manner of good things to me. I am impressed. Over 20 years ago I went to college, and minored in ceramics. In the intervening decades, I have become an IT guy as the way to pay bills. When I got the project to put in a new kiln, it was a neat combination of a few different hats for me.

Over the years, I have worked with a variety of technologies and been through my share of sales gimmicks, odd projects, and gizmos that do not live up to the hype. Your KilnLink box – I bolted it to the wall, plugged it in, and used the name and password you sent me. That is it.

The application itself is blissfully clean, simple, and provides useful information in a very functional way. It’s rare I see something this elegant and functional – nicely done. I have been running around with my laptop and phone showing co-workers text messages and graphs from the kiln, and I am quite sure they think I’ve gone nuts :-)

Oscar Schefers
IT Manager & Former Ceramics Instructor
City Academy – St. Paul, MN 55130

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