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corelite semi-hollow kiln shelfCoreLite Kiln Shelves by Cedar Heights

CoreLite Kiln Shelves for sale with easy online ordering here at Sheffield Pottery.

Semi-hollow : Lighter and Stronger !

Semi Hollow CoreLite Kiln Shelves infoThese kiln shelves are extruded to be semi-hollow. This makes them light and strong. They are approximately 25% lighter than conventional cordierite kiln shelves. They are easy on your back when loading your kiln. Since they have less material mass, they make your firings more energy efficient because less thermal mass means it takes less energy wasted on heating your kiln furniture.

Corelite kiln shelves are beautifully finished for a super smooth surface making them great for glass and ceramics. The structure of the shelf makes them resistant to warping even at high temperatures.
They are rated for cone 10 temperature. They are suitable for electric and gas fired kilns. They are not recommended for raku or wood firing.

These kiln shelves, last longer, warp less and use less energy in your kiln !

Semi Hollow CoreLite Kiln Shelves specifications

We are happy to ship kiln shelves to you via UPS, common carrier, or our own truck in specially prepared boxes using the following guidelines:

1) All shelves can be shipped via UPS except the 26 full round full shelves and larger.
2) The weight limit of shelves per box is 60 lbs.
3) The number of shelves per UPS box is limited to 6 .
4) The packing fee for UPS is $15.00 per shelf in addition to UPS freight.
5) Orders for more than 3 boxes will be shipped common carrier or our truck.
6) For common carrier or delivery in our own truck, the packing fee is 10% of the value of the shelf.
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Semi Hollow CoreLite Kiln Shelves