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"Versaflow" PAPR Powered Air Purifying Respirators

by 3M :

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Powered Air Purifying Respirators are the ultimate in respiratory protection. By using a blower to create a positive pressure in the mask, it is easier to wear for long periods of time in the work environment. These utilize a blower motor, full face mask, and various levels of filters based on your needs. These are a component of full barrier personal protective equipment when needed. Advantages over a traditional dual cartridge respirator is no fit problems, less fatigue from breath restriction and integrated poly face sheild.

Sheffield Pottery offers the 3M brand Versaflow TR-300 and TR-600 PAPR units. the TR-300 series offers HEPA grade filtration for fine dusts and other airborne contaminants. These are used in high dust work environments as well as in many medical applications.
The TR-600 series have the ability to accept other types of filters for vapors and aerosol filtration. The ship complete with TR-6710N (HE) Filter for particulates and TR-6700FC filter cover. Please contact us if you need a different filter type for your PAPR system.

The TR-300 and TR-600 come complete with mask, hose, belt, filter and rechargeable battery.
There are 2 versions of each : the soft top "Easy Clean" style or with hardtop style integrated hard-hat for heavy industry.

For clay studios where dust from clay and glaze materials are a concern we suggest the least expensive of these 4 versions: the TR-300 with soft hood.
Industrial applications may like the integrated hard-top versions.
If your work exposes you to VOC vapors (volatile organic compounds) then you will want the TR-600 and appropriate filters for that type of paint and solvent fumes.
Feel free to give us a call toll free (888)774-2529 to discuss your needs.

PAPR Powered Air Purifying Respirators