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Opulence Cone 6 Glazes


There are 5 families of Opulence Glazes by Mid-South:
Gloss Glazes (100-599)
Reduction-Look Glazes (600-699)
Enviro-Colors Matte Glazes (800-899)
Translucent Series (900-999)
Satin Matte (70 Series)

They were all originally for cone 6 electric but Mid-South is reporting nice results up to cone 10 !
They note great results in the Enviro-Colors and the Gloss Glazes even in cone 10 gas and in wood firings !
With Opulence glazes, you can select from four superior base glazes in matte or gloss finish, and add any stain to your color specifications. Or, you can choose from any of their vibrant rainbow of hues with the added assurance of getting consistent results with each application. Better still, you have the unique compatibility of Opulence glazes. You can blend color with color or mix a base with color in any combination you like. These Cone 6 to Cone 10 glazes are nontoxic, microwave & dishwasher safe and easy to use. All Opulence glazes are offered in both dry and liquid form. The dry glazes are pre-packaged in 5, 25 and 100 lb. bags.
We have two types of C/6 glazes: dry glaze manufactured for dipping or in liquid pints that are now enhanced for better brushability.
New Directions for BRUSHING Opulence Glaze Liquid Pints:
PLEASE READ: Brush 2-3 coats on C/06-04 Bisque. For best results, use a soft fan brush. When layering two different Opulence Glazes, use only 2-3 coats TOTAL to avoid over application. The brushable liquid pints can be modified for dipping/pouring by adding 2 capfuls of water and shaking well before using. Allow the Cone 6 glazes to dry thoroughly before firing.

Opulence Glazes