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Menders, Binders and Additives.

Here you will find clay binders, additives, and menders for greenware repair and adding workability/strength to clay including Marx Magic Mender, Apt II, Darvan, bentonite and sodium silicate. These things have applications for clay, glaze, glaze spraying, modeling and slip casting.

How do I repair a broken greenware? How do I repair Broken Bisque?

Marx Magic Mender is for repairing Greenware, available for High Fire or Low Fire.
Marx Aztec High Fire Mender is for porcelain and stoneware and may be fired to high temperatures.
Magic Mender Low fire is for ceramic greenware and bisque for temperatures up to cone 03.
• Repair
• Attach decorations
• Repair broken pieces
• Fix hairline cracks
• Attach greenware to bisque
• Attach bisque to bisque

High Fire APT-II PORCELAIN / STONEWARE ENHANCER and Low fire APT-II CERAMIC ENHANCER are acrylic emulsion additives that are food safe and non-toxic.
APT-II Enhancer will thicken all brands of slip and clay bodies, enabling the ceramist to attach, mend and create surface decorations. This process can be performed on greenware and bisque.


Bonding occurs immediately.

Mended area dries to the same softness as the greenware.

Mended area may be cleaned immediately.

Mended area does not shrink and leave a stress crack.

Colors and glazes adhere to mended area without showing a difference in color.

Slip mixture will adhere to glaze fired surfaces.

Slip mixture will not produce odors or acid fumes in kiln.

APT II also will repair broken greenware and can be used as a glaze additive for better suface adhesion or as a clay additive for better workability. APT II is a versitile polymer which can also beused to make your own polymer clays and much more ...

How do I Repair Broken Molds?

Mend-A-Mold seems to be the best product to repair your broken bisque molds whether they are broken or if you need to sculpt a missing part.

Mend-a-Mold prevents bacteria growth.

Mend-a-Mold allows water from the slip to pass through the glue film without releasing the glue. Therefore, the mended area eliminates hard spots on the greenware, and ensures the mold will release properly when emptied.

Clay and Glaze Additives

Some natural clays can benifit from additives to add plasticity. Bentonite is a natural mineral which is often employed for this purpose. Our clays are formulated for what we feel is the best balance of workability and strength so if you modify our clay we can not guarentee that you have not changed the firing temperature or final piece stability. These modifications are intended for expert users.
APT II as an Additive
APT-II Porcelain/Stoneware Enhancer added to clay has enriched the ability as an artist in ceramics to stretch and pull the clay to its ultimate limit and still retain its high quality of the translucency of porcelain.

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