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Pacifica Pottery Wheels by Laguna Clay Company

Pacifica gt400 gt800 potters wheelsNOW IN SPECIAL LAGUNA TEAL Color !
For over 20 years Laguna Pacifica wheels have been designed, redesigned, and continually improved upon based on comments received from potters, teachers and technicians who appreciate the same features in their Pacifica that you will in yours.

Laguna Pacifica Wheels Have Torque and Power:
Four separate polyurethane belts, operating at a 12:1 reduction, transmit enough torque to throw up to 80 lbs. on the GT 400 and over 100 lbs. of clay on the GT 800. The GT 400 develops over 1/2 HP, and delivers high torque even at slow speeds more efficiently and more quietly than a gear drive. The GT 800 develops over 1 HP. Pacifica's custom designed load sensor increases the drive current in exact proportion to the load of the clay, thereby providing constant speed from 0 to 260 plus rpms. You can even set a separate maximum speed adjustment between 200 and 300 rpms. Pacifica delivers more power for the price than any wheel made.

The Magic Pedal:
Many Pacifica Wheel owners claim they would buy a Pacifica GT Wheel just for the Magic Pedal! It is exceedingly smooth at slow speeds while still giving you all the power you will need great for delicate trimming. Minor wheel speed changes are easily achieved by applying proportionate pressure to the fluid Magic Pedal. The low profile pedal is comfortable and solid. It will "stay put" while not elevating your foot uncomfortably.


  • A two piece Splash Pan for easy clean up, included in price.
  • Heavy 13" machined aluminum throwing head.
  • Welded steel frame with durable molded top.
  • Large electronic capacitor makes the Pacifica "Whisper" under all working conditions.
  • Two optional Leg Extensions.
  • Thirty day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Five year Limited Warranty: against defects in parts and workmanship (2 years on motor and electronic components).

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PACIFICA GT-800 POTTERY WHEELS Pacifica Gt-800 Pottery Wheel


Our Price: $1,485.00
PACIFICA GT-400 POTTERY WHEELS Pacifica Gt-400 Pottery Wheel


Our Price: $1,259.50
50" Replacement Belts 50" set For Laguna/ Pacifica Potter's Wheel 50" Replacement Belts For Laguna/ Pacifica (4/Pk)

50" Replacement Belts 50" set For Laguna/ Pacifica Potter's Wheel

Our Price: $34.40
4 Pack of 42" REPLACEMENT BELTS FOR GT 400 Potter's Wheel 42" Replacement Belts For Pacifica GT-400 (4/Pk)

4 Pack of 42" REPLACEMENT BELTS FOR Laguna/Pacifica GT 400 Potter's Wheel

Our Price: $34.40
Pacifica Wheels by Laguna:
Pacifica Optional Seat and Leg Extensions:
The seat is a solid, comfortable and adjustable padded seat that will allow you to throw for hours on end. The seat easily mounts onto the leg of your Pacifica wheel, and large knobs make for easy adjustments. The optional and adjustable leg extension sets increase the versatility of your Pacifica Wheel. They add up to 10 inches with the model A or up to 23 inches with the model B.