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KilnShield: Kiln Brick Protector

Protect your top loading electric kiln from wear and tear during loading and unloading.

99% of all top loading kilns are made of K23 soft brick. The brick is relatively inexpensive and provides excellent insulation value. However, this brick is very fragile and can be easily damaged.

KilnShield® is placed on the top layer of bricks where you lean on to the kiln to load and unload. When you are finished remove the shield and close the kiln lid to fire or rest. KilnShield® will give you peace of mind, speed up the loading time and put less strain on your back.

We use high-quality materials that are resilient to heat up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit for those times when you just can’t wait. Our Lifetime Warranty offers years of use and kiln preservation. We use 16 gauge galvanized steel for the base and 1/4¨ soft silicone foam for the top. Our design is customized to your kiln, insuring proper and accurate fit. (Some assembly required)

Available for 23" or 28" Width kilns: models for 2.5" Brick, 3" brick, and 3.5" Brick.
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Protect your bricks Standard KilnShield

Protect your investment and ease your strain!

Our Price: $140.00
Protect your bricks Deluxe KilnShield

Protect your investment and ease your strain!

Our Price: $230.00
How many bricks go around your kiln?
Count how many bricks the kiln has on the top layer. Standard, medium, and large kilns have between 8, 10, or 12 bricks.

Determine the thickness of the kiln wall
This measures from the inside of the brick to the kiln to the exterior metal band of the kiln. The width will be 2.5", 3", or 3.5".

Select between Standard and Deluxe Standard
KilnShield protects 3 top bricks and Deluxe protects 6 bricks (deluxe folds in half for easy storage) HOW TO MEASURE THE ”.