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Curran Pfeiff Corp

Curran Pfeiff High-Temp Kiln Firing Accessories

Curran Pfeiff Tile SettersSheffield Pottery is pleased to offer Curran Pfeiff high temp kiln firing accessories including posts, tile setters and bead racks.

Curran Bead Tree Set Curran Pfeiff Corporation was established in 1923 . The company has for the past several years specialized in making ceramic high temperature wire-nut fasteners. The fasteners are used to splice various quantities and sizes of wire to maintain a stable, permanent(or temorary) connection. The fasteners are made in a veriety of size compatible with electrical industry standards for connectors; i.e. different numbers of wires may be spliced with a given size connector depending upon their wire sizes.

Curran Pfeiff Kiln PostsWe will be offering the complete selection of Curran Pfeiff Kiln Shelf Posts, triangular and square, in every size. These are durable Cone 11 rated Corderite posts.
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Curran Pfeiff Posts, Tile Setters and Bead Racks