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Clayscapes GlazesClayscapes Pottery Cone 6 Glazes

Sheffield Pottery is extremely pleased to offer the stunning Clayscapes Glazes. These are designed for amazing results on stoneware and porcelain for cone 5 and cone 6 electric kiln firing.
With the provided mixing instructions and hydrometer readings, expect excellent results. Your results will vary someone from the shown examples because of differences in clay types and your firing.

layering Clayscapes glazesTry layering Clayscapes glazes for unlimited unique glaze effects.
(Plate shown right has Wheat, Turquoise Rain, and Arctic Blue over Starry Night.
Plates shown below :
Small plate : Coastal Blue, Cream and Garden Green.
Larger plate: Coastal Blue and cream over Clinton Red)

These cone 6 pottery glazes ship free to all of the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii!
They are very economical as the ship in dry form in 5 pound increments.
They include easy mixing instructions with suggested specific gravity hydrometer readings for perfect glazes every time!

Prices shown on products below are for 5 pounds dry.
Save 5% when you order 25
or more pounds of any given Clayscapes color!
Save 5% when you order ANY 6 glazes, additives or underglazes.
Save 10% when you order 24 or more total glazes...
You can combine these discounts automatically :
Example : order 5 units of any Clayscape glaze and save 5%. Add 1 more of that one or ANY other glaze and save another 5% at checkout!
Example : order 5 units of 5 different Clayscape Glazes and get 5% off and an additional 10% off at checkout.

Note: Once you are over $99 you can also use coupon GT1999 for another 10% off !!!

Use the "Quantity Discounts" button to see the discounted prices for each color. Add to cart to see total savings.

layering Clayscapes glazes examplesThese cone 6 pottery glazes are formulated for dipping or pouring applications. If you want to use this glaze for brushing you will need to add CMC or commercial brushing media such as this one from Spectrum : Spectrum-Glaze-1070-Brushing-Media-Pint .

Clayscapes Pottery Glazes are beautiful and unique. They are well tested and ship with mixing instructions with specific gravity / hydrometer reading. Using a hydrometer went mixing your stoneware glazes, you ensure yourself a consistent mix with the correct amount of water every time.
You can click here to add a suitable hydrometer to your order : General Purpose Hydrometer.

For all of the Clayscapes Glazes mixing and application instructions and tips
click here !

The MSDS for these glazes can be found here: Copy of MSDS Sheets
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Clayscapes Pottery Cone 6 Glazes