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We offer a growing variety of ceramic casting slips, castable mortars, castable USG plasters and other slip casting supplies for artists, potters and industrial applications. Shop our selection of ceramic slip casting supplies today.

You will find below:
Cone 6 and cone 10 Porcelain Casting slip,
W1A Cone 6 White stoneware casting slip
Eathenware casting slips in red and white.


This red casting body is based on our Sheffield clay. It has been used to produce our own pottery for over 60 years. Our slip has medium quick casting time with excellent releasing qualities and wet strength. The scraps are easily reconstituted. This ceramic casting slip is deflocculated with water glass and soda ash, and is salmon color at 06, dark red at 03.

An excellent quick casting and dependable white slip casting body that has remained unchanged for 25 years. Very strong wet and greenware stages. It is defloculated with Darvan 7, and is white color at cone 06 - 02.

Amaco Rubber Latex for mold making.

We also carry a variety of Pottery Plasters from USG...Click Here.

We carry castable Refractory Mortar for kiln building and furnace repair... click here.

We also supply Bentonite, sand, fireclays and many other materials used by artists and craftsmen to create castings. See our Raw Materials Section.

Bulk discounts are available. Please contact us for more information and to arrange economical delivery of large quantities.

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