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Ceramic Studio Safety Equipment

Here you can order Ceramic Studio Safety Equipment from Sheffield Pottery Ceramic Supplies, the leader in clay studio safety.
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Nothing is more important than your health. Find here everything you need for a safe and healthy clay studio.

What makes a safe clay studio?
Dust control and firing safety.

It is important to control your clay dust. We offer air-filters and vacuums that are rated to take care of it.
We can help you find properly sized air filters for any size clay studio.
Find here respirators from paper masks to PAPR powered respirators for point source safety.

We can help you wether a small home studio, a large commercial operation, a school, or a whole school district!

For heat safety we offer Kevlar gloves and aprons. We also offer kiln screens with bright wording to let people know when is kiln is firing.

Sheffield Pottery offers a vast assortment of UL listed kiln for the ultimate in confidence that you studio or classroom is going to safe for workers, individuals and students.

We care about your safety. Give a call to one of experts or order your safety gear here online.
Most all of our safety equipment includes free shipping to the lower 48!

North Dual Cartridge Respirator North Dual Cartridge Respirator

Choose HEPA Cartridges for Clay and Glaze making dust.
Or HEPA and VOC combo cartridges for dust and luster/paint fumes.

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Austin Air Filters Austin Air Filters

Perfect for Smaller Clay Studios
Healthmate HM400 Portable HEPA Air Filter
Free Shipping to the Lower 48.
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If you also do luster painting choose the
HM450 which removes Dust and VOC vapors

Tiger-Vac HEPA Vacuum Tiger-Vac HEPA Vacuum

Commercial Grade HEPA Vacuum at an Affordable Price!

Includes Free Freight to the Lower 48 !

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Trion Clay studio Air Filter Trion F70R Clay Studio Air Filter

For rooms up to 17,500

Includes manometer, Spare filters and free freight to the lower 48!

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PAPR : 3M Powered Respirator PAPR : 3M Powered Respirator

For the ultimate in respiratory protection.
Because the unit is powered it can be used for extended periods!

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kevlar Apron Kevlar Apron

Heat and puncture resistant apron for Raku Firing and glass hot-shop applications.

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Kevlar Gloves Kevlar Gloves
Heat, Fire and Puncture resistant Kevlar Gloves

For Raku firing and Hot-Shops

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Kiln Glasses Kiln Firing Glasses

Protect your eyes with these affordable shade-3 Glasses.

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Kiln Room Safety Screen Kiln Safety Screen
Ideal for classrooms, ceramic studios, and in commercial, industrial, or institutional facilities where you need to keep unauthorized personnel out of a restricted work area.
Made with flame-retardant canvas secured to 1/2-in. round steel tubing that is galvanized for corrosion resistance. Panels measure 2-ft. wide by 3-ft. high. Easy to assemble

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Clay Studio Safety Book Safety in the Ceramics Studio
Book by Jeff Zamek

Knowledge is power !

The potter’s health and safety are covered in detail from ceramic toxicology to safe handling of raw materials. Guidelines for using clay, glazes, tools, kilns, and other equipment are presented.

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Fume Extractor Vent-a-Fume Fume Extractor

This is a The FE500 point source fume extractor. Capture and remove fumes before they enter your room.

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Vent-a-kiln Kiln Hood VENT-A-KILN HOODS

We offer the complete line of Vent-a-Kiln safety hoods and extractors for many applications.

A kiln hood and be an excellent solution to capture kiln firing fumes.

They can be used alone or in conjunction with your down-draft kiln vent

See them HERE

See Downloadables and PDFs for MSDS ceramics materials safety information.
Order Ceramic Studio Safety Equipment from Sheffield Pottery Ceramic Supplies.