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When you order a kiln or other large equipment we need you to fill out this form:
Click here: checklist

It is an online form so simply hit submit at the bottom... no need to print / scan / fax.

There will be questions that may not apply to you such as weight capacity of your elevator...
Do not worry about questions that do not apply.

For the most part, deliveries are "Curbside".
If you are in the North East, we may be able to offer inside delivery. Please call us to see if possible for your specific area.

It is extremely important to correctly identify the electrical service at your location.
Commercial locations may have 240 or 208 volt power, in either single or 3 phase configurations.
Almost all residential locations have 240 volt / single phase power but there are rare exceptions.
Unless you are 100% confident, you should contact your power company and / or electrician to confirm.

Here is the link to the form: