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Here you will find a variety of porcelain clay bodies for potters and sculptors. These porcelain pottery clay bodies are made from domestic kaolins or imported English Grolleg. These moist porcelain clays for pottery are carefully formulated and tested to deliver excellent and consistent results in their firing range.

Be sure to check out our new Elaine's Crystal for our finest pottery porcelain body ever. It is available as Elaine's Cone 10 for gas fired and wood kilns or Elaine's Cone 6 if you fire electric kilns.

"Working with porcelain is constant quest to balance translucence and plasticity. Sheffield Pottery's Elaine's Crystal is the by far the best I've found."
-Daniel Below, potter
Cone 10 Reduction Fired POrcelain

Clay Pricing:
Price per box decreases as you order more porcelain pottery clay.
There are price breaks at 100,500,1000,2000,6000,12000 and 26,000 pounds.
Use the "View Quantity Discounts" button to see price per box discounts.
The discount is also shown your shopping cart where you can change your desired quantities of each clay to fine tune your order.
(see Moist Clay Price List for price per pound details) -The Weight of multiple types clay are combined in "Your Cart" for further discounts:
If you order one 50lb box of Mass White and one 50lb box of Mass Red, you are given the discounted 100lb bracket for both boxes. This savings will be shown in your shopping cart. In your cart you can change your desired quantities of each clay to fine tune your order.

Clay Shipping

porcelain cupNOTE: The prices below do not include shipping.

Use this pricing for orders of 1000 pounds or more. Give us a call to quote on freight.

NOTE: We now offer Delivered Prices online for super easy and simple ordering of quantities less than 1000 pounds anywhere in the USA including Alaska and Hawaii !

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#92700 PORCELAIN MOIST CLAY #108300-ELAINE'S CRYSTAL CONE 6 Grolleg Porcelain  Moist clay 50lb Box #92700 PORCELAIN MOIST CLAY
#92700 Porcelain Moist Clay 50Lb Box #108300-Elaine's Crystal Cone 6 Grolleg Porcelain 50Lb Box #92700 Porcelain with Molochite Moist Clay 50Lb Box
#108950-ELAINE'S CRYSTAL CONE 10 Grolleg Porcelain  Moist clay 50lb Box #3350 MOIST Grolleg Porcelain CLAY 20266 Moist Porcelain Clay
#108950-Elaine'S Crystal Cone 10 50Lb Box #3350 Moist Clay 50Lb Box #20266 Porcelain Moist Clay 50Lb Box
Moist Porcelain Clay for Pottery