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Albany Slip Clay Substitute:

Albany Slip Clay was used extensively to create stoneware, eathenware and salt glazed pottery from the early 1800s until the mine was closed in 1986. It was also commonly used over cast porcelain insulators and other utilitarian objects alone and in combination with other high-iron glazes. As a glaze or glaze ingredient it creates dark brown as seen on early American jugs, salt glazed pottery and stoneware pots. Albany slip was also used to glaze the insides of pots as it's hard glassy finish made it ideal for food storage. Although many potters are now using Alberta Slip to fill the role of Albany Slip it is not as similar to the original as the Sheffield Albany Slip Substitute under analysis. Sheffield Albany slip substitute is near identical to Albany Slip in chemical composition. (See Chemical Analysis below)

Sheffield Pottery Incorporated has developed an Albany slip substitute utilizing a native glacial clay (see Sheffield clay) blended with fluxing agents. This slip glaze produces a rich brown semi glossy glaze at cone 9/10 which mimics Albany slip glaze in reduction and oxidation firings.

If the brown glaze Albany Slip was a large percentage or even 100% as a glaze, you can use our ALBANY SUBSTITUTE. This material is a glaze formula based on Sheffield Slip Clay. It is thoroughly tested and yields a glaze designed to duplicate 100% Albany at cone 10. Depending on the application the formula can be used as a component in various temperature glazes including tenmoku (or temmoku: Jian Yao) and bean pot glazes.

You can add between 7.5 and 20% of ferro frit 3134 or equivalent to flux our sub down to mid-fire cone 6.
Always do a series of test tiles for your specific firing regime to find the right proportion to achieve your desired look.
See picture of our tests results with the brown glaze Albany Slip at cone 6 in oxidation below.

Shown right: Unsigned 19th Century Jug with typical Albany Slip Glaze.

Shown below : cone 6 oxidation fired test tiles of Albany Slip and Sheffield Albany Slip Substitute using various percentages of flux. (On white stoneware)
Best Albany Slip Substitute

Shown below: Cone 10 Oxidation Fired Samples of various commercially available Albany Slip Substitutes over Sheffield Porcelain showing similarity of Sheffield Albany Slip Substitute and original Albany Slip.

Albany Slip Substitites

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Sheffield Albany Substitute
Albany Slip Clay

SiO2 60.94 57.82
AL2O3 16.08 14.63
FeO 2.63
Fe2O3 3.37 5.21
MgO 5.09 2.71
CaO 6.39 5.81
K2O 3.40 3.2
Na2O 1.10 0.8
TiO2 1.00 0.4
Sheffield Albany Slip Sub EMPIRICAL FORMULA

K2O 0.183

Na20 0.059

CaO 0.343

MgO 0.274

FeO 0.141

AL2O3 0.864

Fe2O3 0.181

TiO2 0.054

SiO2 3.275

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Albany Slip Substitute Albany Substitute 5 Pounds Dry

Albany Slip Substitute 5 Pounds Dry

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Albany Slip Substitute