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Amaco Glaze Layering

Amaco PC glaze LayeringAmaco Glaze Layering

Many Amaco Glazes can be layered to create unique and stunning effects.

What are the best glazes to layer ?

There are so many glazes that look amazing when layered. Some favorites are:
Potters Choice over Potters Choice
Potters Choice over Celadon
Potters Choice over Shino

Try layering with other brands too such as Spectrum and Opulence!
But remember the first rule of layering : test test test!

Amaco Low-Fire glaze layeringAmaco Low-Fire Glazes can also be layered with great results!

How many coats should I apply when layering glazes ?

A good starting point for testing is 2 layers of each. You can make a test tile with a stripe of 1 coat, a stripe of 2 and a stripe of three. Then go over it in the opposite direction with 1, 2 and 3 coats of the second glaze. That way you will see all the possibilities. You may find you like the look of 3 coats of glaze a and 1 coat of glaze b or vice versa.
The first rule though is to test ! Make lots of test tiles, fire them with your normal firing schedule and you will find the unique combo that achieves the look that you want !

This page on Amaco's website has a selector where you pick your top glaze and your bottom glaze and see user submitted results. You can share your results there as well!

Amaco Glaze Layering