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Amaco Glazes Usage and Safety Information

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Finish your work with Amaco glazes or underglazes for ceramics: gloss or matte, detailed draftsmanship, fluid and easy, high or low fire. AMACO has the right glaze for your project.

Amaco manufactures over 500 glazes, underglazes, and overglazes with firing ranges from Cone 022 to Cone 6. Many colors will also fire to Cone 10. Each Amaco glaze or Amaco underglaze series offers its own unique appearance giving the artist unlimited creative expression.

Amaco glazes are the most trusted pottery glazes in America and for good reason. Every classroom safe pottery glaze is extensively tested so that you can expect reliable and repeatable results every firing.
ACMI Classroom safe CeramicsA Leader In Classroom Safe Ceramics
Amaco glazes are all clearly marked with with either the AP or CL safety seal so you know at a glance which ones are classroom safe even for K-12 students! Schools can simply look for the AP seal and know with confidence that these glazes are safe to use for any all ages.

Amaco glazes all ship free from Sheffield Pottery!*
*Gallons and Pails are exempt from free shipping offer to Alaska and Hawaii.
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Amaco Pottery Glazes