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Wax Resist

Important: Wax is ruined if it freezes. We must use our discretion when shipping wax in the winter. We will only ship it if the forecast is for above freezing temperatures along the route from us to you. This may delay your shipment.

Wax is used in a variety of ways in making pottery and other arts. Mainly it is used as a resist making the area where it was applied resistant to application of glaze, dyes and colorants in that area. Glaze will not stick to the waxed area and any that remains can simply be wiped off.

If you accidentally wax an area that you did not intend to, you can send the piece through bisque fire again to remove the wax.

Often potters will wax the bottom of their bisque so that glaze does not end up on the foot of the pot. Wax can also be applied and then carved through before applying glaze so that the carved pattern is only place where the glaze will stick to the pot.

Wax resist is used in fabric arts such a batik and egg decoration and other arts and crafts.

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Wax Resist for Pottery Glazing and other Arts