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Other Uses for Clay

Seed BallsSeed Balls: Shown Students of Peter Woodbury School, Bedford, NH with their clay encapsulated seed balls : Clay used : Redart

Hi Sheffield, Here's a photo with my Third Grade Garden Club after they made their seed balls. Nothing like getting all muddy! We mixed up a huge batch to help out with a local version of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I have yet to see the results of this work, but Spring is finally here so time will tell. We have been making seed balls for a few years - whenever I first ordered the clay from you. We sell them at our annual plant sale fundraiser. Last year we did not make any to sell and had many people come in looking for them, so I will be working with the students to make more this year. I have always used different varieties of wildflower seed mixes. The seed balls really work best for a naturalized approach to thing. There are lots of interesting websites and blogs these days on seed balls. A few years ago there were just a couple. It's a lot of fun - you should try it! -AS
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REDART Redart - Cedar Heights 50 Pound Bag


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Clay for Tractor Pulls Clay For Tractor Pulls Price Per Cubic Yard

Clay for Tractor Pulls

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Horse Stall Clay

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Riding Arena Topping Clay

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Natural Pond Liner Clay : Price Per Cubic Yard : Regional Delivery and Pick Up Only

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Hawthorn Fire Clay For Cob Ovens

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Green Building Clay from Sheffeld Pottery