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Peter Callas Trim Gin Japanese Potter's Tools

Trim Gin Potter's Trim Tools and Ribs by Peter Callas

Peter Callas Japanese Pottery trimming tools
Classic Japanese double-ended metal footing/trimming tool.
Metal can be resharpened to extend the life of this tool.
6-3/4" L: (Red) beveled edge loop and beveled edge rectangle ends
5-1/4" L: (Blue) beveled edge curve and beveled edge triangle ends

Peter Callas Potter's Ribs

Peter Callas: Pottery Making Ribs:
SS101: 3.75" Flexible Stainless Steel
SS102: 4.75" Flexible Stainless Steel
SS103: 6.875"Flexible Stainless Steel
SS302: 4" Very Flexible Stainless Steel
SB90: 6.5" Stiff Spring Brass

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