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Spectrum 900 Series Low Fire Low Stone Glazes

900 Series Low Stone Glazes
Pottery can have a stoneware finish with Spectrum 900 Series Low Fire Low Stone Glazes. These glazes vary in shade, style, and use, but all are lead-free and dinnerware safe when fired to the appropriate temperature. Forty-seven of the Spectrum Low Fire Low Stone Glazes are certified A/P certified non-toxic by the Art and Creative Materials Institute. The remaining 16 are also dinnerware safe, but should not be used by young children or pregnant women due to high levels of copper oxide or nickel oxide.

These glazes are available in two-tone gloss with either satin, speckled, or metallic finishes.

Our exciting line of low fire (cone 06/04) glazes that give the appearance of a stoneware finish.

901-906 - Are glossy, semi-transparent two-tone glazes that produce a beautiful effect when used on pieces with some detail.
907, 927, 928, 953, 955, 957, 958 - Are semi-gloss glazes that break up and give one color in areas where they are thick and another color in areas where they are thinner.
908-926 - Have a satiny finish and will all break up to varying degrees.
929, 932 to 935, 949-952, 954, 956 - Are semi-gloss, speckled surfaces.
930, 931, 936-943, 945-948, 961, 962 - Are satin finished speckled surfaces.
959, 960 - Give the best metallic finish when applied thicker.
944 - Is a solid satin taupe finish.

We have included 900 Clear in this line which can be used, for example, to line the inside of pots. Please do not use our 900 series glazes on the same piece with our 700 series glazes. Due to significantly different expansion rates this combination can cause pots to crack.

In addition to the chip samples in our color chart which show the result of applying 3 coats of each glaze on white bisque and firing to cone 05, please also look at the bell samples on our poster which show examples of some of the wonderful effects that can be created by layering these glazes. These bells were done by putting 2 light coats of one of the Low Stone glazes on the top half of the bell and then applying 2 normal coats of one of the other Low Stone glazes over the entire bell. We only had space to show a few of the numerous possible results that can be achieved this way.

All of these glazes are lead-free and dinnerware safe when fired correctly. 47 of the colors are AP non-toxic, but 16 of the colors (901,902,903,912,913,932,934,941,945,946,947,949,954,956,959,960) have Health Labels for use in the unfired state. This is due to the presence of copper oxide and/or nickel oxide exceeding the prescribed limits.
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