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Sheffield Pottery Bull Elk Kiln

Expert Kiln SupportThe Sheffield Pottery Bull Elk Front Loading Kiln is a cone 10 kiln designed for pottery and ceramic studios. This school and commercial kiln is suitable for glass arts as well as metal heat treating applications. And considering its features, it is surprisingly affordable.  Fits through 36" door!
Can fit through 34" by taking off handles and back element cover.
Includes door safety shutoff.
Sheffield Bull Elk Kilns Comparison Studio Pro
Controller Genesis Genesis
Zones 3 3
Thermocouple Type K S
Stand with Casters 19" 19"
Door Elements No Yes
Safety Door Shut Off Yes Yes
AOP outlet for Vent Integration No Yes
Orton Vent 120v 240v
Interior Cubic Feet 16.67 16.67
Default Wiring Configuration* 240/1 208/3
Door Gasket Yes Yes
Fits through 36" Door ** Yes Yes
4.5" thick Floor Yes Yes
Top Temp 2350 F 2350F
*Other Configurations Available
** Fit's through 36" if handles and element cover removed