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Sheffield Pottery Bull Elk Front Loading Kiln by Paragon

Sheffield Pottery Bull Elk Front Loading Kiln by Paragon
Sheffield Pottery Bull Elk Front Loading Kiln by Paragon

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Sheffield Pottery Bull Elk Front Loading Kiln by Paragon
List Price: $18,208.45
Our Price: $16,387.61
You save $1,820.84!

Price with Selected Options: $16,387.61
Item Class Pottery Kilns

Availability:: Usually Ships in 2 to 4 Weeks
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Paragon AOP Outlet

Add AOP Outlet : Save! [Add $112.00]
Paragon Door Elements

Paragon Door Elements for Bull Elk Kiln [Add $635.00]
Paragon Furniture Kit

Paragon Furniture Kit for Bull Elk Kiln : 2 Dragon Furniture Kits [Add $1,656.00]
Paragon Stainless Steel Finish

Paragon Stainless Steel Finish for Bull Elk Kiln [Add $555.00]
Paragon Vent System

Add Vent Master to Iguana, Dragon and Super Dragon: [Add $567.00]

208 volt (Paragon Elk, Iguana,Viking and Dragon)
240 volt (Paragon Elk, Iguana,Viking and Dragon)
480 volt (Paragon Elk, Iguana,Viking and Dragon) [Add $225.00]
Paragon APM Elements

Paragon APM Elements for Bull Elk Kiln [Add $2,282.00]
Bull Elk S-Type Thermo

Bull Elk Kiln Upgrade to S-Type Thermocouples [Add $529.00]
Delivery Location Type

Commercial Location
Residential Location [Add $35.00]
School [Add $35.00]
Delivery Accessibility

Delivery Access*:
Normal Unimpeded Access For Trucks
Limited Access (camps, prisons, military bases, gated) [Add $50.00]
Island, Rural, or Metropolitan TBD on a case by case basis
Lift Gate Delivery

Lift Gate Delivery : Truck will get equipment to the ground [Add $35.00]
Lift Gate Delivery Not Needed: I Have Loading Dock or Forklift


Sheffield Bull Elk Front Loading KilnSheffield Pottery Bull Elk Front Loading Kiln

16.67 Cubic feet, Sheffield Pottery Bull Elk Front Loading Kiln

By Paragon Industries :

Exclusively for Sheffield Pottery


Shown Right with Optional Door Elements

Sheffield Pottery Paragon Bull Elk KilnThe Sheffield Pottery Bull Elk Front Loading Kiln is a cone 10 kiln designed for pottery and ceramic studios. This school and commercial kiln is suitable for glass arts as well as metal heat treating applications. And considering its features, it is surprisingly affordable.
Expert Kiln SupportFits through 36" door!
NOW STANDARD with Door gasket, Touch Screen Controller and 3 Zones!
Can fit through 34" by taking off handles and back element cover.
Includes door safety shutoff.

The front loading kiln includes a 14” stand with casters. The stand raises the kiln firebrick bottom hearth to 24”.
The floor is 4.5" of firebrick.
The 4" walls are very well insulated. They are 3" of firebrick and 1" of super insulating block insulation.
200, 208, 220 volts, single or 3 phase: same price as 240 volts.
480 Volt / 3 phase configuration is available with up-charge.

The cone 10 kiln interior is 16.67 cubic feet: 24”W x 24”D x 50”H
The external kiln height includes the 14” stand with casters.
Door opens a few degrees past 90.

Sheffield Pottery Bull Elk Front Loading Kiln Extra insulation saves energy and lengthens cooling. The 4” thick walls, top and door are made of 3” firebrick backed by 1” of ceramic fiber block insulation. The floor is 4 ½” thick firebrick. The extra insulation not only saves energy but also cools the kiln slowly without having to turn the elements back on. This gives the micro-crystalline structure and color of the glaze sufficient time for full development. Cool slowly to achieve dramatic shifts in glaze color such as iron reds and enjoy the richer look of gas firing.
The ample power and extra insulation of this commercial kiln results in long element life, because the elements do not “struggle” to reach high temperatures. Dropped, recessed grooves seat the industrial-gauge elements.

The elements are “tuned,” which means hotter elements are placed in areas of the firing chamber that need more heat. This results in superior heat distribution.
The Sentry 2.0 digital controller is standard on the Sheffield Pottery Bull Elk front loading kiln. Results are repeatable from one firing to the next with astounding accuracy, making this Paragon kiln perfect for schools. The solid-state controller continually monitors the firing. You can opt to upgrade to the Sentinel Touch Screen Controller.

Do you ever wonder how much electricity your kiln uses? The digital controller will figure this for you; merely program the kiln’s wattage and your cost of electricity into the controller. Learn to conserve energy by experimenting with firing speed, load density, etc.
The Type-K thermocouple, hermetically sealed for accuracy, is standard. We also recommend the optional Type-S for stoneware and porcelain.
Long-lasting mercury relays power the elements. A bank of built-in NEC/UL compliant high-amperage fuses protects the kiln and circuit wiring. Potters who struggle with top-loading kilns will enjoy the front-loading Sheffield Pottery Bull Elk Kiln. The door swings open wide on a heavy hinges with sealed bearings.

The ventilated switch box is generously louvered for air circulation for the long life of the electrical components. Yet dust is kept to a minimum.
The stand is built in and comes at no extra charge and includes casters!

Order the optional Orton Vent Master, which mounts to the back of the kiln.

Cone 10 Front Loading Kiln Features

  • Saves electricity with extra insulation
  • Cone 10, 2350°F
  • 3” insulating firebrick and 1” non-organic block insulation in walls, top and door: 4” total thickness
  • 4 ½” thick firebrick bottom
  • 16.67 cubic foot Interior: 24" wide x 24" deep x 50" tall
  • Long-lasting mercury relays
  • Type K thermocouple with ¼” sheath, or optional Type-S
  • Sentinel Touch Screen Controller
  • Case temperature at cone 10: 170°F (compared to 400-500°F for standard firebrick kilns)
  • Two tapered peepholes in side
  • UL/CUL & NEC compliant fuses for safety
  • Available in 200, 208, 220, 240, 480 v, 1 & 3 phase
  • Proportional power elements for more even heating

  • The Optional Furniture Kit (not included)
    The furniture kit consists of carefully selected fireclay shelves and posts for this commercial and school kiln. When estimating the price of the kiln, include the cost of furniture. The furniture allows you to stack multiple layers of ware. Without it, you could fire only the ware that would fit on the kiln bottom.
    Optional Furniture Kit contains:
    2 C-30 Shelf (22” x 22” x 1”)
    8 - C30H ½ Shelves (22” x 11” x 1”)
    1 1/2” wide Square Posts, 16 each of - 4”, 6”, 8” lengths 2 lb. Bag Kiln Wash

    1,350 lb. This includes the weight of the 14” stand.
    Crate 52”W x 52”D x 80”H
    Furniture kit: 156 lb.


    240 volts, single phase 112 amps
    240 volts, 3 phase 65 amps
    480 volts, 3 phase 33 amps
    480, single phase 56 amps
    208 / single 129 amps
    208 / 3 phase 75 per line


    Max. Temperature



    240 volts, single phase 112 amps
    240 volts, 3 phase 65 amps
    480 volts, 3 phase 33 amps
    480, single phase 56 amps
    208 / single 129 amps
    208 / 3 phase 75 per line


    1 (3 Phase Available)




    Direct Wired

    Breaker Size

    120 @ 240v/Single phase

    Circuit Wire Size

    0 gauge





    Control Type

    Sentinel Touch Screen


    240 (200,208,480 available)





    Chamber Volume

    16.67 CU.FT.

    Chamber Width


    Chamber Depth


    Chamber Height


    Outer Size

    43" W x 36" D x 78" H Inches
    (width includes control box and handles)
    front to back with door open: 63"

    Ship Size

    52" W x 52" D x 80" H Inches

    Ship Weight

    1350 Lbs.

    Ship Method

    This Kiln Ships Via Truck

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