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We Offer Services including Kiln Setup and Ceramics Studio Equipment Setup for potters and schools which can be bundled with delivery on our trucks. See Below.

We offer professional Kiln repair services: click here.

We offer professional Potter's Wheel Repairs.

Please call us to arrange for the repair of your kiln or wheel:

Kiln Services: Inside Setup of Kilns.
We offer professional kiln installation in our delivery range.
This applies to deliveries of new kilns when kiln is shipped on our truck only, not for common carrier or drop shipped orders.
Includes up to 1000 pounds additional clay or other items with no added freight  charges. 

Kiln installation is a two person job.

There are two options:
a) Assisted Inside Setup : where you provide an able bodied assistant.
b) Unassisted Inside Setup : where we provide two persons.

These prices may vary depending on the location and complexity of your installtion requirements.
Electrical service upgrade must be completed before hand by a qualified electrician.

For an unassisted inside setup we send two men who bring the kiln inside. We assemble the stand, place the kiln on the stand and connect the vent.  We will remove the packing debris.  We do not wire the kiln, you will need a licensed electrician to do that and we do not drill holes in the building or do anything else with the vent except drill the kiln for the vent and attach the collection box to the kiln.

Inside/setup delivery

We will unload the equipment and bring it inside.  We will set up the equipment in its desired location.  We will remove all packing debris.  If a kiln with venting system is ordered we will mount the vent to the kiln and drill/modify the kiln for proper operation. We do not mount the wall-mounted vents. We do not cut holes in walls or ceilings. We will attach the vent pipe to existing ductwork.  The ductwork must be in place at the time of the kiln installation and properly located so that the flex-pipe from the vent will reach it. We do not extend the building’s ductwork to reach the kiln. We do not make any electrical hook ups.


We are happy to reprocess your clay scraps. They must be near working consistency and bagged. We will adjust the clay to your moisture content specifications and completely mix, re-pug and repackage it. Minimum amount is 4000 lbs. The charge is .12 per lb. plus freight each way.


Sheffield Pottery can produce other types of custom formulas for you as well in addition to moist clays. We can mix dry clays, wet or dry glazes, and casting slips to your exact specifications. Please call for information on these services.

We Offer Repair and Services including Kiln Setup and Ceramics Studio Equipment Setup, wheel repair and custom clay and glazes for potters and schools.