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Price Matching Policy

We'll happily do our best to match and beat any advertised price plus shipping from our ceramics supplies competition.

Note that many suppliers will show a low price for an item but then they may charge a lot for shipping and the accessories you may want..

So it is important that you get the total from them with the shipping and accessories for us to have a number to beat.

For example, if you see a super low price for a kiln , be sure to get the real bottom line with the Furniture Kit, Vent System and shipping. That is the real price to beat !

Just give us a call or email us the info that price and we'll do our absolute best to get you an even better deal!

You can email us at [email protected]. or call toll-free : 1-888-774-2529 (888-spi-clay)

Published Prices

-We reserve the right not to honor any published prices or programs that are determined to be erroneous due to printing, electronic or clerical error.

-We are human and do make mistakes but we will never purposefully publish a false or deceptive price!

-The manufacturers of the equipment we offer, all reserve the right to change their prices and offerings without notice.
They usually try to give us some warning when a price change is coming but they are not required to.

-We will always be happy to confirm a price before you order... just give a call or email us.

Price Match Policy