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Wire-end ToolsHere you will find various Wheel Throwing, Greenware Trimming and Clay Sculpting hand tools.

We carry Dolan Turning ceramics tools and ceramic cutting tools, Kemper wire end pottery trimming tools, pottery Cut-off Needles, Minnesota Potter's Pens, Pads and Stamps.

You will find wooden, plastic, rubber and metal clay shapers, potter's ribs, and ceramics tools.

We have the new Shimpo wooden Japanese Style Potter's Tools.

Check the Falcon tools for Rollers, French rollers, pony rollers and rolling pins.

Chinese Clay Art offerings include many useful and inexpensive items such as the Dragon Scale Tool, slip trailing and misting bottles, texture mats, slab cutters, circle cutters as well as molds, decals and teapot handles.

And don't forget to get an Ultimate Edger while you are here; it's a very handy clay working tool. They are under
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CCA Aluminum Scoop Piepenburg Pottery Trimming Disc with Instructional DVD
CCA Aluminum Scoop
Our Price: $7.80
Cast aluminum, easy to clean. Size: 12 oz
Piepenburg Pottery Trimming Disc with Instructional DVD
Various Pottery Making Hand Tools for Wheel Throwing, Greenware Trimming and Clay Sculpting.