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Mayco Designer Liner

Designer Liner is a concentrated, clay-based pigment, packaged in a 1.25 oz. squeeze bottle featuring a metal writer tip. The metal tip allows for precise application - almost as accurate and precise as a ballpoint pen. You can create designs, outline shapes or patterns in your design, create stripes, dots, squiggles & lines, or write words.

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Mayco Designer Liner Info and Tips
Helpful Hints
Remove the white cap then gently puncture plastic tip with the metal writer tip.
After placing the metal tip onto the bottle cap, push the included pin through the small ziptop bag and seal (this makes it easier to keep track of the pin).
Keep the pin in the metal writer tip when not in use.
Designer Liner is clay based. As such, it is the nature to dry quickly which can promote clogging in the narrow passages of the metal and or plastic tips.
Clear or transparent glazing is necessary for gloss finish. Designer Liner will fire matte when no glaze is applied over top.
Design work could be distorted when applied on top of glazes that have a tendency to move.
Wipe tip periodically on a damp sponge to keep clean.
Keep the metal pin to unclog the tip and keep the metal writer tip free from debris.
If Designer Liner begins to dry in the bottle you can add a few drops of water to reconstitute Designer Liner. Stir and test for proper viscosity. Add water in small amounts to avoid over-thinning the Designer Liner.
Place some Designer Liner on a tile and use a CB-110 #10/0 Liner Brush for extra fine outlining or detailing.
Designer Liner is not a dimensional product. If applied too thick or heavy, Designer Liner will crack and possibly pop off.
Product Features
Works Great at Low-Fire and Mid-Range!
Designer Liner enables the artist to achieve crisp, non-moving linework at cone 06-6 temperatures. To ensure sharpness in line quality, use a non-moving transluscent or clear glaze over the top of Designer Liner. Fires to a matte finish without a glaze over the top.
Great for writing text!
Use the precise metal writer tip and find your style. Write in cursive, draw block-lettering, and make wispy calligraphy marks with ease.
Perfect for fine detail illustration!
Try all types of line to create depth and visual interest in your designs. Designer Liner is the tool to draw in all styles; pointillism, cross-hatching, scumbling, and can also be applied with script liner brush to create calligraphy-like line-work.
Application Recommendations
Bottle Prep: Before first using the product you will need to punch a hole in the tip of the plastic screw cap using the writer tip provided. DO NOT CUT the plastic tip or make the tip opening larger than the thickness of the metal writer tip. The metal writer tip is threaded and will snuggly fit on the tip of the screw cap.
Applying Color: Shake bottle to force color down into the tip. To initiate product flow, squeeze out a little of the product through the writer tip onto a paper towel. Use steady, even pressure to begin your detailing. Apply onto bisque or unfired glaze and then apply a clear glaze. Use with a Liner brush for fine outlining or brushstrokes. Fire to shelf cone 05/06 (1031C/999C) or up to cone 6 (1222C). Designer Liner is food safe with clear glaze applied over top, AP Non-Toxic and Non Hazardous when used under normal conditions.
Storage: If you anticipate using Designer Liner frequently, you may want to store the bottle with the metal tip left on the bottle. Place the metal straight pin (provided) into the metal writer tip as this will help keep the writer tip free from clogging. An alternative storage method is to remove the metal writer tip and reattach the white plastic tip to the screw cap. You will want to soak the metal writer tip in warm water to remove any traces of the designer liner from the nozzle. In either case it is important to minimize air exposure to Designer Liner. Always store at room temperature.