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L&L Easy-Fire XT Square Electric Kilns

The Easy-Fire XT Square kilns feature a square body shape as used in our DaVinci Series with a Stainless steel spring hinge as used on the Easy-fire kilns, 3 brick, three elements per 9 section, strong arched sides with extra space added to interior dimensions for good air circulation, strong aluminized steel stands, hinged control panel for easy maintenance mounted on the element box, automatic 24-Key DynaTrol with Dynamic Zone control (two zone for 18 models and three zone for 27 models, type K 8 gauge thermocouples with ceramic protection tubes and more.
Features & Benefits
Temperature Rating: Most voltages are Cone 10, 2350F, 1290C (See electrical specifications)
Lid, Hinge & Stand: Aluminized Steel Stand.
Assembly: 9 high sections stack on top of each other. Easy to assemble. Bottom is reversible.
Construction: Unique shallow side arches create super-strong sides and allow for plenty of space for air circulation around kiln shelves. Stainless steel wrapped around brick with 3 clamps on each section. All stainless screws on case.
Insulation: 3 K23 firebrick.
Brick Coating: Proprietary reflective brick coating included. This helps firebrick stay strong on the surface and helps prevent dusting.
Patented Hard Ceramic Element Holders: Protect brick from loading damage, keep elements from falling out of grooves, makes changing elements easy, and optimizes heat transfer to load..
Elements: Heavy-duty. 2 elements per 9 high section.
Element Connections: Proprietary all-ceramic element connection block makes changing elements easy.
Control Panel: All controls and components are mounted in a separate control panel that is piggy-backed to the element connection box. A layer of insulation and this separation helps keep the controls cool. The control panel and element box are hinged for easy access and maintenance. Control box can be easily removed for servicing. On/off switch and control fuse are included. Some models have branch fusing.
Control: DynaTrol with 4 Easy-Fire programs, 6 Vary-Fire programs, PreHeat, Delay, Program & Segment Review, and Diagnostics.
Zone Control: Two or three zones with separate thermocouples.
Peephole Plugs: Non-fragile solid ceramic with heat-locked head. 1 diameter full-view non-tapered. One per section.
Thermocouples: Type K 8 gauge with ceramic protection tubes.
Relays: Mercury free relays.
Power Cord/Plug: 50 Amp NEMA 6-50 six foot cord included for one phase, 50 Amp NEMA 15-50 six foot cord included for three phase. Some models are direct wired. See electrical specifications.
Instructions: Complete visual instructions with control reference, process information, assembly, troubleshooting, and parts list. In addition web videos show how to assemble the kiln and how to fire it.
Warranty: Limited 3 year warranty.
L&L Easy-Fire XT Square Kilns