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You can order your cordierite kiln shelves here. We offer a complete selection of traditional cordierite shelves for electric and gas fired kilns. For these kilns we suggest the excellent Spectrum High Alumina Kiln Shelves or the semi hollow Corelite shelves. For Raku we offer specialized Olympic Raku shelves. These shelves are thicker and offer higher resistance to thermal shock to withstand the rigors of raku firing. Studios and large production facilities will prefer the super thin and lightweight Advancer Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide shelves which save space and energy with their super low thermal mass. For wood burning kilns choose the conventional oxide bonded silicon carbide shelves by Saint Gobain Refractories.

We have cordierite kiln furniture to fit all kilns from Amaco, Cone Art, Evenheat, L&L, Olympic, Paragon and Skutt Kilns. We also offer top selling Spectrum High Alumina kiln shelves for potter's kilns. You will find round, half round, rectangular, square, multisided, hexagonal, octagonal, 10 sided and 12 sided kiln shelves here.

Cordierite 1/2” & 5/8” thickness rated for use to cone 8.
Cordierite 1” thickness for use to cone 10.
High Alumina Shelves are stable up to cone 11 but not recommended for Raku firing.

Kiln Shelf Shipping :

We are happy to ship kiln furniture to you via UPS, common carrier, or our own truck in specially prepared boxes using the following guidelines:
1) Kiln shelves can be shipped via UPS except the 26” Full Round and larger shelves.
2) The weight limit of shelves per box is 60 lbs.
3) The number of shelves per box is limited to 6 .
4) The packing fee for UPS is $6.00 per shelf in addition to UPS freight.
5) Orders for more than 3 boxes will be shipped common carrier or our truck.
6) For common carrier or delivery in our own truck, the packing fee is 10% of the value of the shelf.
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