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Jiffler MixersJIFFLER Mixers : Jiffler Mixers are good for mixing paint, pottery glazes as well as thinset mortar, grout, and other powdered materials. The unique four-way counteraction gives fast and complete dispersion with no splash and with no air or lumps in the mix. Upper wheels pull down, lower wheel cuts up—the holes and slots screen out the lumps.

Jiffler MixersMODEL 117 :Made of Plated Steel, 2.5" wheels. adjustable on 1/4" x 11" shaft.
For portable or stationary power of 1800 + rpm in gallon to 10 quart container depending on viscosity of the mix.

Model 130: Made of plated steel, 5" adjustable wheels on 3/8" x 24" shaft. For 1/2" drill of 450 or more rpm in 12" diameter pail of drywall mud, ceramic thin bed mortar, ceramic slip, vinyl fabric cement, etc. For 16" diameter container of paint viscosity material use 3/8" drill of 1000 to 1200 rpm.

MODEL 140 Same as 130 but with an extra wheel which enables unit to mix faster and more efficiently
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