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Industrial Power Plant Refractories

Sheffield Pottery Inc, Refractory Division can offer refractory systems for most of your demanding high temperature applications, as well as for wear resistant solutions.

Let us quote you on your specialty refractory products for the ceramics, metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical, power generation, electronics, waste processing and glass making industries.

We can offer durable, high temperature products including silicon carbide refractory bricks, tiles and blocks to mortar, cements, ramming and gunnable monolithics and trowelling mixes as well as industrial low mass kiln furniture systems.

Applications include: Ammonia and Nitrates Refractories for Ammonia Reformers. Cement Castables for rotary cement kilns. Coal Fired Power Plants Linings for coal-fired power plants. Gas to Liquid Technology Refractory linings for GTL reformers. Gasification Refractory linings for gasification of coal, petcoke and other carbon-based feeds. Methanol Autothermal Reformer Refractory linings for methanol reformers. Petrochemical Containment of hot and corrosive gases, liquids and solids. Refineries Refractory solutions for fluid catalytic cracking units and sulfur recovery furnaces. Waste Processing Refractory solutions for waste processing. Carbon Black Linings and venturis for carbon black production. Chemical Refractories for the chemical industry. Fertilizers Refractories for reformers. Gas Turbines Refractory tiles for the combustion chamber. Industrial Waste Refractory solutions for waste gasification and incineration. Municipal Waste Refractory solutions for domestic waste to energy systems. Power Generation Specialty refractory products for power generation applications. Sulfates Bricks and tiles for sulfate fertilizers production.

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Industrial Power Plant Refractories