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Horseshoe Pitching Clay

Our clay is widely used to create regulation Horse Shoe Pitching and Quoits Pits.
This horse shoe pit clay is found to have the desired consistency and is easy to maintain.

This horse shoe pit clay ships to you in a "super sack" which is a giant woven nylon bags. Each bag of horseshoe pit clay is on a pallet and ships via freight. The horseshoe pit clay weighs approximately 2500 lbs per yard so if you want to pick up, you will need a large dump truck, a regular pickup truck will not really suffice.

There is a two yard minimum for us to load you.

Regional trucking is available. Please call to arrange pick up.
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Horseshoe Pitching Clay

Making a Regulation Horse Shoe Pitching Pit:

National Horseshoe Pitchers Association regulations specify:
"The "Pitchers Box" has fixed 72"x72" dimensions. Within the box, space is divided into three major areas...two pitching platforms and the "pit". The maximum "pit" dimensions are 36"x72" and the remaining space is divided into two equal sized pitching platforms, one on each side of the pit. Over time, rule changes allowed "pit" dimensions to be reduced to as little as 31"x43" (probably to minimize the amount of pit fill material to maintain). Pit width reduction simply allowed pitching platform widths to increase accordingly. Pit length reduction created "unused" space within the box, in front of and/or behind the pit. Those "unused" spaces are addressed in Rule 1, Section A-2-a, "If the pit is less than the maximum dimensions, the extra space shall be filled with the same material of which the platforms are made or some other material different than the pit substance, and shall be level with the pit and platforms." (Allowances are made in Rule 1, Section C, for temporary and/or raised courts.)"

Your pits which will be filled with clay need to be between 43" to 72" length and 31" to 36" in width per Rule 1-A-2-a. The pits should be dug out 4" to 6" deep. Add some clay, compact and then add more clay. Moisture will have be adjusted according to your local conditions. Turn over the top couple of inches of the clay with a shovel periodically to restore surface.

Horseshoe Pitching Pit dimensions